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  1. Yeah! I agree completely. OP you sound like you know what you need to do. Get a hotel for a few days while you recover if you do go through with the termination, just so you can have some peace to yourself.

    Also, being that you’re so young, maybe try to move away? Experience another state or something of the sorts. One, to get away from the potentially toxic/dangerous situation but two also just to start living your life.

  2. Ask him out then. Like some people say for this situations, you already have a no if you don't try so is best to at least try to gain a yes.

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  4. Uuuuhhhhh, no. Abuse is abuse. There is no magic metric that says ok hit 1 – not abuse, hit 2 – not abuse, hit 3 – not abuse, but ooohhh boy hit 14 that’s a pattern now it’s abuse!

    Cannot believe what some of y’all are saying, JFC. Wanna pop over to some of the DV subs and tell them it’s not abuse because it’s the first time and they only hit you X number of times? Do it and let’s test how quick you get banned.

  5. I just went though a divorce after I found out my wife cheated on me…my advice, block and delete her. Also, don't dive into the bottle. Try and work through is sober, you'll get back on your feet faster and it might avoid doing some stupid shit.

  6. Oh, that's awful.

    OP, do you really want your kids to grow up with that mindset? He's clearly shown his true colors here. I can only imagine what would happen if one of your kids came out

  7. My mom left my father when I was five. Before this, my family was doing pretty financially well. My father had a drinking problem though. Even though I was really young, I still have bad memories from those days and I'm traumatized a bit. So the majority of my life I was raised by a single mom and life was rough. He didn't have much money. I think my mom made the right decision. I'd much rather go through the financial struggle growing up than going through a toxic environment.

  8. If he has friends who would help him get rid of any CP he might have, then they are as sick as he is.

  9. I was with you until you said “why do men?” This is not a men thing honey this is the asshole that you’re choosing to date. To him you are a machine that he can put a few bucks in and make a blowjob come out. Someone will treat you better and you need to find them

  10. Bro you a grown ass man. Shit like this that chicks do all the time shouldn't bother you


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