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14 thoughts on “Lulu the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I think you could benefit from talking out these decisions in couples therapy. If staying here to settle down is a non negotiable for you it’s time to say so he can decide if he can comply or if it’s time to go separate ways. You both need to respect your priorities though, even if he doesn’t feel the same way about being in proximity to his family.

  2. She's not efficient with her time. The better you are at making money, the less likely it is that the amount you earn is directly related to the amount of time invested.

  3. Did he ever think that maybe his friends are exaggerating? I mean honestly I would probably be a little grossed out if I dude I wanted to date told me that. Not sure he understands that that isn’t an accomplishment in most people’s books. Not trying to judge but 100 people?

  4. Honestly, ending now was probably for the best.

    The military life is incredibly hard on relationships. It takes a certain type of person to do it and stay faithful on both ends. The long distance plus the lack of time spent together is rough.

    Add in the fact women in the military get hit on a ton. She probably just decided she wanted to keep her options open or maybe has an interest there. She is surrounded by guys her age that are in the best shape of their lives. It's not what you want to hear, but it's a possibility.

    Just be glad you only wasted 9 months on her, and just 3 while she was enlisted. This could have been a 4 year thing where you feed her attention and keep her affairs in order. She comes home and only then do you find out she has been with someone most of that time, or has a ring on her finger. Many horror stories of this type of stuff out there. It's not like you can sneak on a base and find out what she is doing.

  5. I know the stones on that lady to even say that

    This was clearly planned and we all know OP is going to go back for round 3

    hopefully he comes to his senses before he gets an incurable STD if its not already too late

  6. He doesn't sound ready for a full relationship, TBH. Relationships are so much more than sex, and numbers of partners and knowledge based on porn aren't what make a good lover. His attention should be on you and what happens between you.

  7. Glad your daughter made the very smart and adult decision to leave. Hope she stays away. Your daughter doesn't need to help carry family members. Letting them couch surf for a couple of weeks sure, trade in her car to buy a more “practical car”, nawh not her fault your sister can't keep a job, it's not your right to ask her to do so, just makes you a shitty mother.

  8. And he can go fuck himself! He should worry about how he dresses and leave you alone. Is he one of those guys who frowns on women wearing makeup as well?



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