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  1. NO, PLEASE DON’T MARRY A CHUD JUST TO NOT BE SINGLE. I beg of you. You already know he’s not it—take care of yourself and your kid and don’t settle. Show her she deserves a GOOD relationship.

  2. Oh yeah it’s definitely the 19 year old calling the shots and architecting how their relationship is. Totally. Definitely not him, he’s just an oblivious golden retriever going along with his “little sis”.

  3. Hmm. Perhaps when he does have to interact with you at work, you can either kill him with kindness or just communicate like a robot regarding only work matters and then peace out. Don’t give him the chance to be shitty towards you. Your lack of a reaction might just p*ss him off even more and maybe he’ll stop?

  4. Don't ask us. Ask her. Don't be too embarrassed to ask questions about what she likes and wants you to do. I'm sure that hurts to hear, but the good news is, you can start working on it.

  5. ❤️ I’m happy for you. This was one thing my husband told me to comfort me, that my daughter would grow up and come back to us. I’m terrified that it isn’t going to happen. Of course I would rather have her happy without me but the thought of not being in her life, or any future grandchildren is painful.

    I don’t know about the other comments. I will stop answering them. I’m thankful for the people who are in similar situations who are reaching out to me in the chat. I would love to hear about other’s experiences and how they overcame their difficulties

  6. Same! Got to the first line of 3rd paragraph about OP's new wife of 3 years being a 21yo aaand that is enough of that story.

    Ewww dude, WTF?!

  7. Exactly this.

    “I got this spontaneous erection while being waxed today, it was embarrassing.” = Fine, shit happens, whatever.

    “I was so turned on while being waxed I had to run to the nearest bathroom and frantically get myself off minutes after.” = Bruh.

  8. you graduated from emotional responses to logical, but sounds like he's still controlled by his own emotions. unfortunately, sometimes you can level up and level out of a relationship. if he's not growing at the same pace as you, it's something to start clocking and determine if you're still compatible and right for each other.

  9. His just a friend but she also thinks he's handsome is just the very first step

    What you need to do is talk to your wife, tell her you overheard what she said, explain to her that this mans actions (mixed with her words) make you very uncomfortable Ask her to set boundaries between them (her and him)

    If she refuses to set boundaries, then you know what's wrong an I'm sorry for your future


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