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  1. Look for something to volunteer for around the holidays. Lost of volunteer places are short during the Christmas holidays, and having another obligation — a charitable one — can limit your time at home, plus it looks good on a future resume. Sometimes, families are tight. Other times (fairly often, I think), families are just people you share DNA with. Certainly I would say limit to a week. During that time, take your mom to lunch or coffee or something, just to show her some individual attention and time.

  2. I'm a 40 yr old male:

    Tell him you don't have it, so you'll sit it out and see what his response is. If he doesn't offer to pay your end, you should break up with him.

    Men are supposed to be providers. You're telling me he's a damn doctor and asking you to pay for the family Christmas??

    It's really unbelievable. I make 7 times what my wife makes and when we were dating, I would never ask her for money because I knew I was grossly out earning her and I'm fairly traditional and don't think women should be paying for dates or trips during the dating phase.

  3. You have been together for 2 years and this has going on for a month.

    Did you consider that there might have been a new game coming out? Or a new expansion?

    My partner and I both game and we both really play in waves. Some people don't, I know that, but at the moment the new Warcraft expansion is out and I just let him do his thing. I do my own stuff and see my own friends and so hobbies. He has basically been off the computer for the whole Summer and now he plays every hour at home, but im ok with that because I know it's not forever.

    My point is: try and be a bit interested in his hobby. Ask him what it's about, give him space and remind him sometimes to reserve time for you also.

  4. I think you need to know that as a jehovas witness he isn't allowed to marry you. They have to marry within their religion. So no sex before marriage is actually no sex ever in this case. I know you haven't known healthy love before this relationship, but I know from experience that you will find it again now that you know how it should feel. You're 19, this guy isn't the one.

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  6. Refusing to even see your partner for 2 weeks with no end in sight so you can “grieve” your ex’s new marriage is kinda treating him like shit, yeah. I’m not saying he should treat her poorly, but no, I’m not waiting around for weeks more while you grieve the fact that your ex of FOUR YEARS AGO is getting married. She can do that on her time, so yeah, I’d just tell her we’re on a break until she can finally “figure it out”.

  7. crawled home and basically fell asleep instantly. Even during the weekends, I was too tired to do anything special.

    That is not special. It is normal to hang out with your gf.

    You drove her away. Sorry bud.

  8. Consideration is one of the crucial things in a relationship. Your partner should take you into account, even if you aren't around, when making a decision.

    I mean, imagine if we were talking ordering dinner to be delivered. If your partner likes spicy food and you don't, but all he orders is spicy stuff when he knew you don't like spicy food, and was ordering for both of you, then he wasn't being considerate. It implies that he doesn't really value you if he sees nothing wrong in such behavior.

    In your situation, your boyfriend should realize that safety is going to be a big issue for you, and that a smaller car is likely to be less safe for the reasons you raised in your original post. I would think you'd be looking at car ratings of safety test performance in making a selection, and finding a car large enough to not worry about collateral injury from the safety features themselves.

    It sounds very much that this is a car for both of you. If you are both contributing funds to it, then it has to be selected by both of you. If you already have your own car, and don't mind him picking “his” car, then all this is moot; you just resolve not to ride in his car. But it sounds like you are getting a car together, that you are both paying for. That it is replacing “his” car doesn't really matter, since he isn't buying it by himself.

    I'm not sure what you may be overthinking: It sounds very much like he doesn't care about your concerns. That should be a cause to re-examine your entire relationship. Just like with the spicy dinner order, if your partner is ostensibly doing something with or for you, but not paying attention to your wants and needs, there is a problem in your relationship.

    A friend of mine had a boyfriend, and they talked of getting a house together. She told him that she wasn't sure where her career was taking her, and she wasn't comfortable with the idea of building a house now (which is what he wanted) when she didn't know where she would end up. He ignored her concerns, and started talking to a builder, and even told her of the things he was putting in the plans for her, without asking her what she wanted. In the meantime, she found a better job in her field that required moving states; she had told him about this, and her job search, and he ignored it.

    As a consequence, she moved, and he acted like it was a surprise. He even accused me of hypnotizing her to make her leave him! We both patiently explained what he had missed, and that he had to make more of an effort to understand what was going on in a relationship. It finally clicked for him; she spent a year or two at her job, then got another better job back in the area where they had lived. I think she did one more hop before she got a long-term position she wanted, and he moved with her. They ended up getting married and getting a house. But it took an actual separation situation to wake him up and get him to understand how selfish he was being.

  9. You could try asking him who he was with when you tried the poly thing. If he doesn't admit it, you just have to be honest. Because he broke a very basic rule you guys had. Some people consider that a major breach of trust, sometimes even cheating.

    You guys should be able to be honest with each other.

  10. You will adapt.

    My husband got shingles (it is very evil) and broke out on his face. He grew a beard to cover it. I thought he looked weird at first, but adapted. Now he likes it and so do I.

  11. Exactly! This guy separated and immediately went and had sex with one of their mutual friends. There’s no way you can trust him at this point, and it shows what kind of mutual friends they have if they’re willing to do that.

    Unless OP’s parents are planning on helping her raise the child, they get no say.

  12. Asking for a paternity test is not unreasonable or accusing someone of cheating. They estimate 30% of assumed fathers are false. If anything is get a paternity test for both parents if the baby is removed from you site during the birthing process for even a second, accidents and mix ups can happen and how would you even know if you didn’t test. There were a bunch of babies in the 70s/80s that got switched out and placed with incorrect parents, I’m not sure what safety guards in are place to prevent it from still happening now. If you you do IVF, few of those doctors were using their own sperm instead of the fathers. He’s definitely the asshole for bringing this up now though instead of before you attempted to conceive- this should of been discussed way before so you could plainly see what type of man you were breeding with who though you would scam him.

  13. If you know she’s your person don’t string her along. If you know she’s not your person let her go. If you’re unsure take some more time to decide, but not 10 years. That’s not fair.

  14. You don't even want to compromise. A compromise simply just isn't him telling you no from the start and you pushing until he gives in. That's AH behaviour. Just break up and leave this poor man alone.

    You knew all along this was a no for him and just hoped you could break down his very clear boundaries and it would somehow be ok and not shitty and cause problems in the relationship.

  15. You both seem horrible – spitting on someone is disgusting and a crime in many places and you also committed assault.

  16. I think you should really pay attention to this:

    I spent the entirety of last year getting to know myself again and I truly feel happy again.

    Ever since your relationship ended, your life took a turn for the better.

    Regardless if things are different now, you have direct proof that being out of this relationship has benefited you greatly. And the history between you two will always exist in the relationship… its damaged.

    You gave yourself a new start in life, and I think you owe it to yourself to stick to it.

    I think you two should accept that what you had… the ball was dropped and it broke. The pain of what happened will always be permanent factor in the relationship. What's trust is broken, its near impossible to repair.

    Maybe proceed as friends and pursue other people romantically.

  17. You don't give any indication to us about why you are breaking up.

    If you've simply realized you two aren't suited for a lifetime together, that's one thing.

    But if you are afraid for your safety because of his temper, or his penchant for breaking things while looking at you, you should do this break-up remotely, not in person.

    I can't stress this enough: There is no obligation to yourself at risk in order to “be respectful” to someone you believe could be dangerous.

    If anything, that sort of situation should get you to accelerate plans to get a hotel room, and make clear that you are leaving a bad relationship to the front desk, so they know not to admit you are even staying there (they shouldn't do that anyway, but still). You might want to be sure you have all your critical information under your control — credit card, birth certificate, passport, etc. — because a dangerous person isn't likely to surrender something they can use to control you.

  18. Depending on what the blood disorder is you might online for a really long time.

    If you're definitely going to have a short lifespan why would you want to waste that time with someone who hates you?

    He benefits from being married to you, because he gets to keep all the assets if you die. It's better for them to be put in a trust for your daughter that he can't access until she's much older. Put someone else in charge of it too.

    Why would you stay with someone who hates you.

  19. Not in this scenario

    Exactly, so most of your comment is irrelevant because I'm talking about this specific scenario.

    Her lack of reaction to his comment proves that she's been hiding it from him. A drunk mouth speaks sober thoughts. No way did she just happen to change her mind suddenly. She was probably always on the fence and was never honest about it, which is actively lying to appease him. That's on her.

  20. She is asking a vasectomy of him. He only told her to get a tubal because she isn’t respecting him saying he isn’t getting a vasectomy right now or his reasons. He wanted her to understand how ridiculous it is to ask him to do it to proof his commitment… and they can’t really work on their marriage if she is pretty much saying “you aren’t committed bc you won’t do this for me”.

  21. I honestly don’t even get why he’d want one. If anything, putting a spotlight on him on her wedding day will just make people talk. And nothing good will be said about absentee Dad?

  22. It sounds like he was entertaining other women while dating you. He held on to you until he found someone better. Whether it's this girl or someone else, he was never going to stay with you. Someone who was going to stay wouldn't break up with you that easily.

  23. So she lied to you, cheated on you, and then bragged to her friends about it? Sounds like a real keeper.


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