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11 thoughts on “Luna<3 the hard on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. My advice is to either seek professional help for your unhealthy obsession with this guy and your unhealthy obsession on posting on reddit from multiple user names and hundreds upon hundreds of posts for months on end, or stop your asshole trolling.

    All you do is create new user names, post about some supposed guy who doesn't give a shit about you, obsess over who he does care about, stalk him on his social media, and goad people into having childish conversations with you via the comment section.

    What the fuck is wrong with you?

  2. Its sad, but your husband knows first hand the trauma he's putting you and your child thru and he's still doing it. You may need to decide if you love yourself and your baby, or your husband more.

    Your baby is going to process this more and more as he gets older. He may associate heavy drinking normally like your husband does. He might assume that's how a man/father/spouse treats/speaks to his loved ones. When it is not how a man treats his loved ones.

    Who knows, maybe the shock of seeing his family refuse to enable his alcoholism and leaving, could even be the wake up call he needs to fix his life.

    But you can't win with addiction until the individual decides they want to change. Don't let history repeat itself.

  3. I have a fresh new idea for you.

    You are 21 years old and now free of her bullshit.

    May I suggest that you create a young woman's version of a Quinceanera birthday party?!!! Invite your friends, invite your family.

    Buy yourself a GORGEOUS dress but do not shop with your mother. Tell her nothing.

    Frankly, I would not even invite her or make an accidental typo on her invitation so she thinks it is one week later than it actually is.

    Create a group chat with family but don't admit her into it.

    Be honest with family and say that you missed your original Quinceanera and want to have that introduction to womanhood that you were told you didn't deserve as a child.

    Fuck this woman. The nerve of asking you to do a favor like this was rubbing salt into a wound.

    I am from Canada and am caucasian and even I know how big a deal a Quinceanera is.

    I am sorry that you have such a toxic bio mother.

    Where was your dad in all this??

  4. Why wont he take no for an anwer?

    To answer this question of yours specifically… because that is who he is as a person. He doesn't take “no” as an answer. He badgers and badgers until he gets his way. You are STILL his f-buddy, so, why stop if he could actually wear you down and get it?

    Want it to stop? Cut him off and cut him out. Let him go badger some other f-buddy for it if you don't wish to oblige his fantasy.

  5. At the moment your boyfriend has no worth as a photographer. He doesn't have the experience and has not yet made a name for himself that allows him to be picky. Even Annie Leibovitz had a lot of jobs after art school before she landed a job for Rolling Stones. Remind him beggars can't be choosers and to get a job or you're done.

  6. I am sorry to inform, but it is anything, but rare for people with traumas to leave their partners, after they have been helped by their partner to get over said traumas. There can be different reasons for this, but gratitude will not keep your relationship together.

    If you want of course, you can message her, you accept her decision, but you are just sad you have been there for her when she was emotionally suffering, but you have been abandobed by her after first hurdle from your side.


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