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Birth Date: 1996-11-30

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  1. My ex girlfriend and I used to send pics of lingerie we'd found on twitter etc to each other, and most of the time it was neither of our body types, we just thought it looked good. I feel like most of the people commenting here would have a heart attack if they even considered doing something like that.

  2. Emotions run high after break ups. What she does is up to her. You shouldn't allow yourself to be emotionally strongarmed into staying with her. Clean break, and no contact. She has friends to lean on.

    I know how you're feeling. I had a former friend who called me constantly threatening to kill herself when I had a new girlfriend. I had to cold cut all contact.

    Every time you open the door to contact, will give her another chance to try and emotionally squeeze herself back in. If it gets severe, call the local authorities where she is for a wellness check. Again, you are not responsible for her choices following a break up.

  3. Piggybacking on the top link to suggest to OP that he gets his own separate therapist. People should not attend therapy with their abuser because the abusers learn quickly to manipulate them using what was brought up in therapy. You clearly have a lot of necessary personal growth that you need to work through but it’s valid to ask if you two together are a good partnership or if you are both much calmer and more stable apart. Do you have any calm and stable relatives that can come and help you for two hours a day (one for you, one for her) who you are both happy to be around?

  4. Yes it is my choice. But at some point when someone who never has a feeling towards anything because not many things concern them or bother them, then as a partner I feel like you should understand and try to compromise even if it does sound a bit unreasonable. If it makes me happy to get a text while you’re out then I feel that’s all that should matter just as long as it isn’t me demanding to know where you are or what you are doing 24/7 when we are apart. I feel as if I’ve compromised on a lot of things in regards to her feelings/concerns no matter big or small, so I just expect the same courtesy if I have no ill intentions behind it. As for cheating I trust her 100%, does she make me feel uncared for? Not at the moment but in the past yes she has. I’m trying to understand myself more on why it bothers me but I know for a fact I am not controlling or insecure because I know what I bring to the table. I did recently discover that my love language is words of affirmation so it might be why I’m so hurt over this being the third time it’s happened

  5. Honestly does she have social media? Any posts with friends or family? Find a way, some way, to reach to to someone and tell them she’s threatening to end her life, and then leave her.

    I’ve been in this situation before and it’s incredibly difficult to leave, but finally I found a way to tell his mom what he was saying he would do to himself if I left, and once I told someone I felt I could finally leave.

    You can also call the police, I believe, and tell them you know someone who you are concerned will end their life. The police can often intervene (depending where you live!) and inform the family, take other steps, etc.

  6. This is such a sad situation for you. How is your relationship with his father? Can you communicate with him about how the dogs are doing? If so, block the ex, work on going back to where you have friends and family. I know this is really nude to hear, but you need to let the dogs go.

  7. This sucks. You aren’t in high school anymore where you ask someone to be official and only then it’s officially a relationship. Those things usually progress naturally and if he was invested in you, he wouldn’t even have thought about having sex with someone else in my opinion. And don’t listen to the people saying YOU should have asked if you were exclusive – he should have asked when thinking about f*cking someone else.

  8. I think this is where I'm at with this. I'm not her mum or dad. What I'd like to get out of the conversation today is for her to say that her spending is a problem

  9. If it’s something she isn’t able to move past, then I don’t see a way forward for you that ends happily. I don’t blame her for whatever resentment she feels, but she shouldn’t have said she forgives you when she can’t/hasn’t. You deserve a voice in the relationship and right now she’s making you put in the effort while not allowing you that voice. Unless her goal is to keep you under her thumb by continuing to bring up things she has “forgiven” you for, I can’t imagine this is a beneficial situation for her.

    What are you getting from this relationship?

  10. I’m confused. Is this your boyfriend? You are describing your father. I’m wondering which one this guy is.

  11. It’s all good, it’s an understandable idea that people genuinely don’t realize could land them in trouble that’s the last thing they need in this horrible situation


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