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  1. He found someone else to occupy his time. Ur not just something for ppl to use then throw away so forget about him and find someone who appreciates u.

  2. I had this happen to me with a stalker though. We had met live! and became friends until he started thinking of our friendship as a relationship, attempting to rp a lot amd such, he ended up “cheating” on me with another girl who immediately afterwards became very hostile towards me. I “broke up” with him by ending my friendship with both of them and blocking them. He somehow got my moms number and kept calling her till i asked her to block him and explained the situation to her. He found out where i lived and wouldn't leave me alone while at school and at home. Eventually he went back home and wrote a super long email i only noticed years later with him blaming himself a lot, then blaming me a lot. He used his mom's phone number to send me a text with a photo of him with a huge serrated combat knife in his chest claiming he tried to kill himself because of me because i didnt take him back. I blocked all of them and left it at that, angered by being stalked so much over a friendship he thought was a relationship.

    Do not get back together with him, things will never change and he'll just use his life to manipulate you into anything he wants. If you were that important then he would've thought about you before cheating. You'll never feel safe and your mental health will decline severely. Perhaps keep some distance as if he is actually hurt by the breakup then he needs space rather than your company, itll end up giving him hope that youll take him back. You did all you could.

  3. My cat licked my foot before while I was having sex with my bf. Now we make sure they are all out of the room and not hiding under the bed before we close the door. I do not want that experience again lmao

  4. Two options: 1. Call it a write-off, ghost the new boyfriend, and hope they never find out what hit them; or, 2. Tell the new boyfriend and hope he can get past it.

  5. yes it sounds like OP is more concerned about herself than his well-being and it comes off as quite off putting tbh


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