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9 thoughts on “LunaQ the very hot live! sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. YTA

    Lol imagine sexualizing showering with your own small child.

    The thing that a person with a strong and mature personality would do is to grow up and overcome those strange thoughts.

  2. Do not give him everything! I did this because I wanted out so bad and didn't have the energy to fight and a year later I regret it immensely because he has stability with our family home and his career and I have zero financial stability.

  3. Yes but this is not footage from C-span, tik tok or youtube its footage of just a regular guy on a cam who happens to have the same ring, vape and clothes her husband was wearing that day. So it is him and enough of him in the camera view to have his crotch on full display. I guess they could have faked the penis part but there is only one reason why people show that much below the shoulders on cam and it sure isn't to talk to gramma.

  4. Your bf met James and saw why you were attracted to him is what happened. Now he wants him out of the picture. Seeing how James rejected you and not the other way around, your boyfriend wonders what would happen if James just changed his mind one day and feels like he has to look over his shoulder for the day it happens. Honestly, I wouldn’t wanna online my life that way either.

  5. Well considering I’ve been a virgin (by choice) for 25 years, going a week into a relationship isn’t very long.


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