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11 thoughts on “LuvC on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. You DONT. You walk away. Be glad that you know the truth despite all of the lies. That ROCKS. REALLY KNOWING and especially when its a situation like this. It should bring a little peace to you knowing that it all fell apart, but it most CERTAINLY wasnt all your fault.

    walk away.

  2. Man you set your life difficulty setting on the highest level.

    You may want to stay friends but it's really up to her. I mean pregnancy was always a possibility in this situation.

  3. Have sex with her and another girl now. Take half a viagra and reclaim your manhood.

    If that goes well and your feeling ballsy… and you want to conquer this fully.. try it again with another dude present (maybe take half a viagra just in case this time). Ooorr two girls and two guys present.. foursome?

    Good luck, I believe in you. ?

  4. Agreed. I'm just saying there isn't really any consequence or risk free BC for women at all… even a hysterectomy is far more complicated. If he isn't sure about being child free he needs to come to thar realisation and let her know so she can make informed choices.

  5. She sounds ridiculous. It's been five years – she knows your background. At this point she trusts you or doesn't…and she doesn't. and I doubt she's offering to do a background check and therapy for herself to be sure she isn't an abuser, right?

  6. I’m scared I’ll feel that way (missing out on something special) if I do leave too. That’s why it feels so confusing and overwhelming for me. Head vs heart I suppose

  7. (explains how SIL walked into an explosive situation and got shocked that things exploded)

    Why do people like putting themselves in very precarious situations for the sake of perceived moral high ground.

    You can be right and still fumble because of what you do with your truth. Truth isn't a trump card to social dynamics and upbringing.

    Downvote me if you want but it's a dark reality of the world we we live in.

  8. She makes peanuts and this dude makes all the money, she’s just mad he’s enjoying it. She won’t ask for a prenup that would be bad for her, real bad.

  9. You're not a good match. Sooner or later he'll play the ” either the dog or me” card so what are you going to do then? Also he gives me some negative vibes “humans above animals”


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