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  1. Sounds like it’s time for a come to Jesus talk. Let it stress her out, let her get upset, but it has to happen.

    To me it sounds like she’s trying to avoid the conversation because her family can’t afford to contribute. But she needs to tell you that so y’all can plan the wedding you can afford. Even if it’s just the two of you and both sets of parents going to the courthouse, it’s clearly important to you that you get to have your dad at your wedding, no matter what that looks like.

    So talk it out. No deflecting, just kindness and conversation.

  2. Thank you for the reply. How about do I do this? Maybe next time they message me I’ll let them know? Or should I message her tomorrow telling her I don’t really want to hangout anymore (I prefer the first one)

  3. Wtf did I just read. Made me want to vomit what a sick pos . Why are you Even entertaining this vile man for Goodness sake run

  4. I genuinely wanted to believe that there would be a change but I know now that I let him get too comfortable disrespecting me and it's not going to get better.

  5. I can think of a few reasons.

    Some people makes a fetish out of virgins.

    Some people get scared of being the first.

    She might have experienced either or another negative reaction to her virginity before.

    Something you might want to talk about tho.

  6. Bruh, what. Please don't throw out negative accusations like that if you're not a medical professional. Her behavior can be attributed to a wide variety of things that don't include BPD. Inappropriately promoting a stigma without solid evidence is not helpful.

  7. Yeah I feel ya man. Fact is she didn’t feel the attraction at the beginning. With the other guy, she did.

    Idk if that means you should break up with her though. A lot of other factors would come into play for me. But if a girl made me wait without making other guys wait, it would be a turn off for me. You have to decide if it’s a dealbreaker though.

  8. This comes down to personal preference of the two people, and what each is okay with. There's no “should” on this.

    If it's a deal breaker for you to know this stuff about your BF's past, then probably the relationship won't work. But it's also ok for him to have a boundary about his privacy and his life before you. Focus on whether you two can compromise rather than “right” and “wrong” because coercing him to tell you won't make either of you happy. At this point I doubt you'd even trust that he's telling you the truth anyway.

  9. Don't make this your hill to die on. I like the idea of telling guests that their presence is all the present you need, but maybe offer a charity for people to donate to in lieu of a gift. Is there any cause you both feel passionate about that you'd like to help?

  10. Do you by any chance think there is a proper way I can talk to her about the lying and the choices? I can't bring up her choices because she will say “how is my life any of your business?”. Then I am stumped because it is true. There should be boundaries. However, if I choose to cut her off then I will be labeled as the villain and I know she will tell all my family members how disrespectful I am for even judging her. I would like to get her to see and understand that this is her last chance.

  11. I noticed that once I started wearing a ring, women were just nicer to me. I was no longer a threat to them. I was just a person and they could treat me like a person. Maybe that's what is going on here.


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