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  1. then again, these are all us giving you advice without knowing much, so don’t trust us to make the best judgment call and try talking this through with a trusted person who knows you both and would form a more informed opinion if you really seek aid in how to deal with this properly, but yea

    to me this could both be a case “i wanna make my ex suffer” (perhaps your gf had smth to do with their breakup?) or a case of “i shut up bc my gf would get mad at me for betraying her best friend but he’s my buddy and i have to be honest”, and as both are plausible but we have no more info we give you the best advice based on our perception of what could be going on

    long ass message to tell you not to potentially destroy a good relationship bc five redditor’s told you she was sus and he was a real friend

  2. I am a woman… first off. It is MUCH more challenging for women to reach orgasm than men, which is why you finish fast and she doesn't. That being said, if you're concerned you need to make sure she has orgasmed BEFORE you start having sex. In other words, focus on her and doing whatever it is that gets her there that is NOT penetrative sex. Unless she doesn't want to. If you finish and she hasn't, always…ALWAYS offer to make sure she finishes some other way. If, at that point she says she's good… then let it be. It's her choice how to proceed at that point. Oh, and just FYI your issue with finishing first/fast is completely normal, common, and well known to most sexually active people. No need to feel bad.

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  4. Sounds like she acts up at the bars to discourage you from coming. And if her exes are frequenting these bars….. that, coupled with everyone trying to make your feel unwanted and uncomfortable, like you're preventing her from doing something, I'd say you have a good reason to be concerned. Get out of this toxic relationship.

  5. I've been trying to reassure her. Although this is the first time she's given the ultimatum, it isn't the first time we've spoken about this.

    I wouldn't say you're wrong and she could feel that way but I'm not going anywhere and there are only so many ways I can articulate that and show that to her.

  6. Yeah but guys are people too with emotions and what not. I have sex issues with my wife sometimes too and she’s super very hot as well. She’ll do the same kind of thing and will mostly be in something sexy but sometimes you’re just not feeling it.

    What helps with my wife and I if we are going through a slump is we might get a hotel room, have a nice dinner, get super high and bang all night. Lol maybe try that?

  7. ….? Honesty is something that should be very normal in a relationship, let alone a marriage. I would never humor someone to the point that I had a crush on them in a monogamous relationship, period.

  8. You don't need to explain yourself to anybody if you do explain yourself it's because you choose to but it's not your job to make people understand your stance either they get it or they can get out

  9. But if the boundary that “needs to be put” is as extreme as “you can't go out” that is controlling. And if you feel you can't trust your partner to behave the way you've agreed on if she goes out, or you can't reach an agreement on how she should behave while in a relationship, then you have 0 foundation for a relationship at all. And that may be primarily her fault but that doesn't mean you can fix it by making extreme rules or that you can't also become the bad guy by your reaction. Just break up.

  10. When this subject has come up, it’s been married people but yeah – the guy pays the premiums. They are going to be high because it is risky.And it needs to be like a million dollar payout so the kids are taken care of.


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