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  1. Seriously what’s with the “blood” family? Is this fuckin GoT? I have two biological daughters that will never carry my last name and I could give two shits.

  2. Just don't have anything to say to eachother I guess. Last thing we talked about was him regretting how things ended and me wishing him well with his other stuff he has going on. I ended things because of the way he was acting and him not facing his problems but after talking to him again things were very distant and reserved.

  3. You can't stop him cheating and fact is why would he? He doesn't care about hurting you and you won't leave him over it so why would he stop?

  4. It would be very unwise to not get a prenup. I know a few people who never thought they would, but did and it got nasty in court because there was no prenup. That money is being left to you, if he has no interest in trying to get some of it he should have no problems with getting a prenup.

  5. I definitely do notice those things more than her hair, I find her really attractive and tbh I think we’re both probably having a period week. We’re super emotional today, so it became a bigger issue and I think for her, the wounds her ex left are mostly related to not being considered attractive all of the sudden. On the other hand, my issues have to do with getting myself to understand I can’t ruin our relationship from one small argument so easily.


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