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  1. Just say, opps sorry missed this…or something to that effect…. it is weird he unfriended you and you should ask him why he did.

    People don't reply to messages for various reasons all the time. It's no big deal and if he chooses to take it personally then that sounds like a high maintenance friend you best avoid.

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  3. Hanging out is not inappropriate, but it would be exceptionally inappropriate to be acting on such feelings for a 19yo or expressing them. Especially since you're all working at the same company.

  4. He's entitled to have private conversations with his family and they probably don't necessarily want you to hear everything they're saying. If your concern here is that they're talking badly about you that's possible. But it's more likely that like any family they just want to be able to have insular conversations that aren't broadcast all over your domicile. You probably don't want to hear all the grisly details about Uncle Ed's prostate surgery anyway. Being in a relationship doesn't mean you get access to every relationship and every thought your partner has. These are called “healthy boundaries” in case you were in doubt.

  5. It’s okay to decide that you aren’t getting what you want/need out of a relationship. The key is to let your partner know what you need and what you are going to do if you do not get it, but not to try to force them to do anything. They still get to choose what they want to do. That’s really the difference between a boundary and an ultimatum. Taking care of yourself is healthy. Manipulating others is not. It sometimes feels like the same thing, but it is not.

  6. I never disputed consent as it relates to gender.

    But you are asking OP of his friend has taken advantage of his inability to consent. Is this not asking if his friend raped him?


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