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9 thoughts on “MadameJulialive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I was like that with my guy best friend. Long story short, we both decided to part ways. It wasn’t healthy for either of us.

  2. You were actively trying to get pregnant before getting married? Odd

    I agree with the person who said get your finances in order. There may be charges on credit cards, cell phone plans, car loans, anything.

    Get a full std panel (that’s horrible I know, but it’s a good idea

    You will never again be sure that he won’t do this again. Even after counseling, you’ve been together 7 years so even if you go through counseling and things seem really solid you never know if things will hit a through patch and 6 years from now, when you have two young kids, he tells you he’s done it again and he’s really sorry.

    Move on

  3. Your new date finds your intoxicated gregarious self loud and annoying. I suggest that you date a guy who finds your loud and annoying self intoxicating and gregarious.

  4. My comment is still the same. Some people don't like sharing. I have things that I want that are just MINE, and I don't share them with anybody, and it is due to situations from my childhood. He has made it clear that for whatever reason, he doesn't want you to use his stuff.

    I am going to be really honest here. This is his boundary, and you are questioning it over and over, stomping all over it and even bringing it to strangers on the internet. Let me ask you this and see of your perspective is any different: What if you went NC with, let's say, your mom because her husband SA'd you, and when you told her, she called you a liar and took her husband's side. You don't want to relive the situation and don't want to talk about it, but your BF wants to know why you don't talk to your mom. He keeps bringing it up over and over, and because you won't tell him, he goes snooping in your computer and phone and then calls your mom to ask HER why. How would you feel about boundary stomping then? He clearly has a reason but isn't comfortable telling you that reason, and you are proving why he feels like he shouldn't trust you.

    I know it is very hot to trust people blindly, but if you are going to be in a healthy relationship, you have to. Otherwise, you are going to go from one toxic relationship to another your whole life.

  5. I was in a situation similar to this except we were married. We are no longer married. They don’t change. Best of luck OP.

  6. This relationship is dead in the water OP.

    Groups of friends who go clubbing usually don’t want partners hanging around. Sometimes sure, but I know my own friend group would be pissed if one of the boyfriends insisted they come along every time we wanted to go dance. It kills the vibe, I don’t know why – it just does. And it’s not really because you want to go and flirt – sometimes you just want a night out with friends and it feels a bit “chaperoney ” to have a partner come, especially if they forced an invitation.

    You aren’t going to be welcome. And when you insist you be allowed to go, his friends are going to see you as a controlling and insecure person. They will nag at him to dump you.

    It will be a difficult situation to navigate OP. Very emotionally draining.

  7. There was a circular wipe but that one looks like it could be dirt so I’m more focused on the pink tissue stain

  8. So her goal was to get back with her man all this time, and you were just there to fulfill her needs. No matter. Best you breakup yourself and wish her good luck.

    The biggest issue for me is her daughter though. She’s gotten so attached to me and vice versa I’m afraid to let her go too.

    I'm afraid this is time that'll take time to resolve, but you'll get over it.


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