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  1. That seems like a pretty bright red flag as well I didn't even consider that. My thought was the only reason that he put this other person as a beneficiary is if he's banging her and she's knocked up so now but no one else knows yet, and that's going to be his child. It's still be weird though that he brought up the insurance to her. Maybe trying to preempt any suspicion by like weaponozed incompetentlce so it seems like an “oh silly me I did this wrong, oh well “thing,

  2. Get on board with it or tell him to kick rocks. I say tell him to kick rocks. Saying something like that has a lot of meaning. Does he even like the girls? If he gets that boy those girls stand no chance. Worry about your girls.

  3. Thanks, I’d like to say those things, but it would stir the pot so much. Wouldn’t that be a bad strategy if, before saying it, I am positive she would have a bad reaction to it? I can’t be positive about how exactly, but I would guess she would then see herself as the “victim.” I’d just like some reassurance that it isn’t my job to get thicker skin and she should take some responsibility about the way she handles external stimuli.

  4. Gross. It’s really not that hot to learn to brush your dang teeth at morning and night. It’s easy to set a reminder if necessary. Same with the changing of the sheets. Nasty

  5. He sincerely is a special kind of stupid. Even the normal level of stupid would have seen the problem with the special bedroom time with friend, and prioritizing another woman is the best way to pulverize a relationship. He also made it very clear he never was in agreement with the car idea, and bullshitted OP about it, while going behind her back making some kind of side deal that he hid because he knew OP may not go for it. He purposefully waited til she was in a vulnerable position before revealing that. And what the hell kind of monster is this friend of his, that her comfort levels thrive off of the ill treatment of another person in her house?

  6. How ambitious is he? Does he have any drive to improve himself? Or is he just cruising through life? And how important is being driven/ambition to you?


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