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  1. Yeah and the thing is he cooks for us a lot and he takes great pride I it. He's very talented and I'm lucky to have found a guy who enjoys cooking, but this is gonna be in my mind for a while

  2. He definitely thought he was pulling a power move to get you to beg to take him back, but instead you demonstrated your self-worth. He's a walking red flag though. Clearly doesn't listen to anything you tell him, and immediately accused you of cheating on him. Makes me think he's hiding something from you tbh.

  3. Thanks for the advice man. I feel like this is clearly hurting my self-esteem, but I also feel like it is a waste to let things go if I didn’t try everything and coming here is my last resort on this. Anyway, I truly appreciate the advice and the kind words

  4. You cannot change another person's character, including this guy's. Please realize that he is a fabulist, and not a very skilled one either. You will always have the BS meter running with him, and who needs that?

    There are plenty of honest and successful men out there for you. Don't waste more time on this one.

  5. I would invite a realtor over and list the house. Then she gets an ultimatum, work, sell or divorce. There are no other options in this situation.

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  7. That's a disgrace of a person, not a “part Mexican”.

    Those are not jokes.

    Why are you with him? Tell him to go and be with those “women, men and ducks”.

  8. Would you say the same thing to a woman who had a separate bank account with a 'bug-out' fund in case things suddenly went south with her husband? I've seen that recommended more than once. If you think that's justified, why get married?

    You can't say to protect yourself first, but then get pissy that your partner doesn't trust you if they do the same. Particularly when there's zero downside for OP on not having a basket full of cumballoons, other than hurt feelings.

  9. I’m probably about to get my heart broken so they can all go fuck themselves. I’m fucking done putting myself out there.

  10. I dont get how she could have feelings for me and whoever that other guy is and I can tell she really does like me

  11. I haven’t tried any with my partner. I’ve tried some on myself with mixed results. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s just a neutral experience

  12. I know but for anyone reading this, I’m just telling people it’s OK to sit boundaries and reasonable expectations

  13. Adding, I’ve been married for SIX YEARS and don’t know my husbands passcode. (I used his face to open his iPad the other day so I could watch something while he napped and snuggled me. ‘‘Twas hilarious!) There’s no reason for a girlfriend to have your passcode and uninhibited access to your device.

  14. Exactly! OP is in the same age range as her sister but infantilizes the sister. Unless sister is mentally challenged, 18 is old enough to understand right from wrong when it comes to making decisions about fucking their sisters boyfriends. There isn’t just one villain in this story, it took two to tango.

    OP should also rethink bfs accusations of all those cheaters he was with. I doubt they were the cheating problem, but assuming they were, that did not give him the right to weaponize their transgressions in order to manipulate OP into allowing herself to be controlled and supervised by him.


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