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  1. My guess at his age, he's throwing stuff at the wall to see what will stick. And at your age, you don't yet know that a relationship is soooo muuuch mooore than what you guys have. Unless this quickly turns into a non-LDR you're better off finding someone who gives you what you want NOW. You're so young.

  2. No, I was asking why being on her father’s insurance was wild.

    Also, did this man say how long of a bus ride this would have been? A 20 minute drive can turn into 2 hours by bus, and that’s not really a reasonable option.

  3. It scares me how little US healthcare does before giving women BC.

    They tested me down to the bone before I got mine, not a single problem, tons of advantages.

    She should change pills, get a better obgyn or both

  4. It's about him, not about you. He was honest with you. It doesn't necessarily mean they aren't attracted to you, sometimes it's about the vibe. You may be coming across a bit thirst which could be off putting. Just enjoy dating without expectations


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