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  1. I don’t have a panic disorder and I don’t necessarily need this job. Truthfully I’ve worked with her for a bit under a year and I am only still there cause of her and maybe one other coworker since they’re the only people I can really call friends here. Also I have not have not really done anything besides platonic friendships because I always doubt anything is more than just friends with my low social skills

  2. I think it’s hard to be in a relationship when there is no grace for error. I don’t think this is an offense but for some reason your ex does

  3. This sounds like a guy I dated who was raised LDS and had a crazy emotionally abusive mother. He was a total people pleaser and just a bump on a log. He would tell me all the crazy and wild things he “used” to do, and all the interests he “used” to have but with me he was like a lifeless void. He was affectionate but was useless pretty much everywhere else. He was in his late 30s.

    I also work in mental health..someone that age tends to be a pretty formed person and it sounds to me like he doesn't have a whole lot of insight. You're still young, it's not your responsibility to take care of him.

  4. I think you have the right train of thoughts. Healthy and effective communication is important, even in the beginning of meeting someone and she’s demonstrated the complete opposite of that. Good-luck in your dating life overall though!


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