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  1. Stop asking for intentions and judge by actions. Do the same for you too, life is easier this way. Seems like he genuinly fell in love with you. Weather or not this is a lasting feeling or a vulnerability based on his current situation is something i can not answer though.

    If you trust him, keep doing that until evidence of the contrary comes up. Talk about your feelings and fears, too and also tell him that you were questioning his intentions and need clear communication.

    Do not hold him to this standard if you are not doing the same however.

  2. I would never be in an open relationship. If it doesn’t align with your values at all, this could be a sign that you’re incompatible on a deeper level.

    However, you really have to talk to her to see how serious she was about it. She could have been just joking around, or saying something she didn’t really mean because of the show you were watching. It was a brief comment that she didn’t expand on. Have a real, honest conversation with each other about what type of relationship and future you see with each other. If she expresses that she genuinely would be interested in an open relationship, you may as well save yourself some time and heartbreak now and end things. Neither of you would be wrong for wanting what you want. Just incompatible. Good luck OP.

  3. “Hi Dave,

    I believe this email was intended for me although it was addressed to Alice.

    The travel delays sound so frustrating g and exhausting!

    With such such notice the options for travel times and seating were limited but I always try to meet your preferences.

    For upgrading I will have to check company policy and travel budget, but I will let you know!

    All the best, Annie”

    Then CC whoever would know the travel budget and policy-HR or his boss.

  4. Whaaaat? What a weird thing for her to say! I was expecting this guy to be like 13 or something. Is this out of character for her? Personally, I’d be so offended that she would have a lot of explaining and work to do to repair our friendship. Calling someone a kiddie diddler is not funny. That’s a huge insult to me.

    Oh, and good for you for calling out her hypocritical behavior. I hope that somehow your relationship can be salvaged.

  5. My sons girlfriend was on the pill and I now have a grandson, so there is that. It is fairly effective bot not 100%.

    My concewrn is that they are married and cannot have a reasonable discussion about this.

  6. Relationships are work. You’re not always going to be super in love with your partner. You need to work with them by expressing your needs and also putting effort into the relationship to keep it going. You can’t expect it to be magical all the time. You can choose to give up on your current partner by moving on to someone else but you’ll always end up chasing that honeymoon high.

    Ultimately, it’s your choice. You can throw away 12 years with someone who (I assume) has supported you through thick and thin and very clearly loves you or you can jump onto something new that might not even last.

  7. I think friendship is a gift and needs to be treated as such. We are happy for our friends when good things happen and we celebrate those things because they matter. Same goes with the hot things that happen in life. We listen. We love. We console. It’s a two way street. I don’t think you are overthinking. This sounds like a one way street. If you can’t go to a friend about life events and know that they will be there for you, it’s not a true friendship. That’s my take.


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