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9 thoughts on “Mariana

  1. your wife upset because you went on a date you fool. would you be ok with your wife going on coffee dates with younger men? i think not!

  2. How much money do you think you could reasonably save by making these changes?

    Evaluate your current bills, your heating type (gas/electric), look into how much that costs, then calculate a rough estimate of how much you think this chat will save you. Once you've got a hard and reasoned $/month figure in mind, you'll be able to see how you're asking your roommate to change their habits, be less comfortable, and resent you: over like 20$ to 40$ a month.

  3. You need to address your saviour complex and lack of boundaries before they do you real damage in life.

  4. Are you saying surprises have no place in a relationship? If you communicate the intent ahead of time is not a surprise. Clearly, it was a miss, but trying to surprise someone isn't in itself bad.

  5. That is your designated purpose and if you’re not gonna fuck he’s not gonna waste his time. We can’t get hung up on what they “used to” do… that is now irrelevant.

  6. OP was clear that it's generally fine when he's in control and is gentle, she just doesn't like sex that doesn't literally tear his penis apart.

    It's generally fine that she looked into solutions. It's absolutely fine that he said no. And that's that. End of conversation. She can end things or work within the confines of the relationship. But insisting he risk feeling in parts of his penis because his high school girlfriend is into riding dick would be seriously fucked up.


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