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  1. communicate to her that's she's not respecting your boundaries and your time and if she's going to continue to disrespect you then leave her

  2. No. You aren't. Now age be damned. What you are in is a controlling asshole's twisted approximation of poly. He is telling you he and she can do whatever but you cant. Thats not how poly works. He just wants all the pussy and wants to control how. My advice is run.

  3. Part of getting married is Adulting 2.0.

    I would first tell step-dad that you will be announcing your decision that HE will be walking you down the aisle. He can keep a secret and this will bolster your resolve.

    Go to grandma and sit her down with tea or something sweet. Explain that you love her and it's nude to say this but you have to get this straightened out asap. Then talk about your two dads and their roles over the years and explain why it has to be step-dad walking you down the aisle. Phrases like “As a grown up now I have to make difficult decisions” and “bio dad watched my step-dad walk me through life. He can watch step-dad walk me down the aisle” are perfectly ok.

    Grandma will have her feeling but don't buckle. This has already been decided.

    Tell bio dad you decided on step-dad. Tell him you hope he understands and let HIM work through his feelings. He is not your problem.


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