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Marley, 27 y.o.

Location: CST of USA

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9 thoughts on “Marley the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. It's fine to keep your private time private, although it's strange a women her age would think that men your age don't rub one out from time to time? You aren't hiding, you're being discreet. I don't need to know when and if my partner masturbates. He doesn't need to know when I do?

  2. The girl you rejected actually showed you exactly how to handle this situation… just say hi and get on with your life…

  3. Please god let this women see this post so she can drop you. Forget about her weight it's none of your business. Her body her choice.

  4. Your gf is very naive OP, I could barely meet my friends at McDonalds down the street and this guy is travelling from the other side of the country to meet someone that he met live. Your gf might think it's platonic but this guy almost certainly doesn't.

  5. Here’s what’s gonna happen my friend. She will not get involved romantically with you now. She will not be friends with you either because she feels like she may have some romantic relationships with you she doesn’t want. Chances are she doesn’t even want any of that with you she’s just flirty because of the trauma coping.

    No matter. In a few months most likely you’d find her either casually flinging or having relationships with with some other guy that was not involved in all of this and she doesn’t feel the weight of history with.

    Just move on. Could be you’d have a chance later but don’t count on it.

  6. Y'all too old for this shit. He is berating you, using your depression as an insult, and will not allow you to express your feeling without shutting you up.

    How is staying with this clown benefiting you? LEAVE.

  7. Dude, I mean what I mean.

    Your son is suddenly there, living with you. Is his mom paying for the stay?

    I might ask how your family finances are managed but I don't think I care much, tbh.

    Was your wife okay with him living here?

    Is he living as in “happy blended family” or what?

    It all depends, I guess, on your wife's reaction to this addition.

    Kudos to you being a nice dad, but I don't think many wives would be ecstatic.

    .She found out she was pregnant after and tried to reach ne, but wasnt able to.

    Your son is 15, not 35, I don't buy it, sorry. You were there officially, it's not like you swam across to illegally work there.

    Especially given he's refusing therapy or whatever to “get used to living in US”.

    What are the plans for next years? Will he go back to France?


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