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  1. Yikes. Talk to a lawyer about setting up a trust or an annuity for her. I'm not sure what would possess you to do that though.

    She and the kid aren't your financial responsibility, unless you plan on formally adopting the child. Then you'll be on the hook for child support until they are 18. If you on-line in an alimony state and are fine supporting her for the rest of her life, get married without a prenup.

    It sucks that the dad is a deadbeat, just don't get suckered into the lifelong support of someone you barely know!

  2. THIS IS A RED FLAG AND A WARNING SIGN FOR YOU TO LEAVE! Do not marry him!! You will be trapped and ot could get worse!!

    Please call a domestic violence hotline!! They will help you and can provide resources for you. Sadly, your situation won't be new to them, but the good news is they have the experience in helping people in your situation. Please warn your family and try to record his threats on video, voice memo, or through a recording app. See if you can get him to text you these threats so you can turn them into the police.

    You could stay at a motel or with a trusted friend. Get out ASAP but make sure you have resources available so you can do it safely. Please be careful and please update us ?

  3. ??? you are a good father sir, well done for being there now to pickup the pieces and working on healingand❤️?????

  4. your feelings matter, and he shouldn’t put his life on hold. what happens is you marry? have children? will she be the main concern still? if he can’t give you anything right now, maybe a timeline on when you become the priority?


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