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  1. Yes it was serious, there are certainly the tryhard kind of couples like you’ve brought up but there are also ones that just heap loads of affection onto their partners openly and mean it. Some of the people I know from school have legitimately been together since freshman/sophomore years of HS and now they’ve got families and we’re years removed from graduating. My parents again, great example of two people who really don’t have any reason to put up a facade- my dad rented my mom a gorgeous car to drive her around in when she graduated from grad school, my mom just took my dad to see his favorite fighter yesterday and get a picture and autograph. Because they love each other. Both of those things are on social media and they’re nowhere near divorce.

    Until you’re (general you, not you specifically) the only friend with the dead partner you don’t know how lonely it is. Then everyone tries to console you with how “it doesn’t happen that often”/“people normally don’t die that young.” Like okay normally, but this bad thing happened to her so my odds have gone from 50/50 to 100% losing her. Like please imagine how rough it is to get up daily knowing all of your friends’ partners are accounted for and yours is in an urn. I don’t know how therapy changes that, or how I feel about it. She’s gone.

    I don’t know how to get around it without a specialist picking at me until I get upset but I have to somehow so I don’t die alone. The days I feel like I still have even a little hope to get married are like little rays of sun coming in through the blinds, because they’re some of the only times I feel I’m not disrespecting her memory and that I can truly separate her and I (in the past) from a future that doesn’t have her in it.

  2. Yes, I went through that here’s what I did. I started counseling and a friend of mine from work came and got me during the daytime packed all my stuff up and my dog and my cat and left. I went to the therapist office and on a 3 x 5 card read a statement to him over the phone. He screamed into the phone yelling, but I just kept repeating the same thing over and over again. The phrase was basically this isn’t working out for me anymore. I move my stuff out and I ask that you don’t contact me again. I read that over and over again and then I went and got a restraining order. I saw him one more time and he’s really mad beg to come back and said he go to counseling. I got clean and sober. He died early from alcoholism.

  3. She's trying to wriggle her way back in your life by emotionally manipulating her son to manipulate you. Tell her you don't appreciate it and to not do it again or you will block her on all platforms.

  4. Not as dangerous as you think tbh. She is 22 and wants to experiment maybe either accept it, move on or have a go yourself you will enjoy it.

  5. Yes, we’re both on the lease. My brother being a co-signer is the problem, I don’t want him to be screwed if I move out and then my ex loses his job and can’t pay rent 🙁

  6. Fellow person with ADHD here, I can go on my bf for ages without getting bored. I second it being him just being horribly selfish

  7. Yo wtf is up with people like you boundaries don't exist? What if he wanted Anal and she didn't like it should be good somewhere else? What happened to compromise in a relationship


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