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  1. Only you can decide if it's a relationship ending problem. That sounds like the most basic advice ever, but I don't know you or your partner.

    It's very hot to say if a dusty bed is a problem or not. Your relationship can be full of love but lacking in sex and still be happy and fulfilling.

    Also being a lawyer, I'm burned out at the end of most days. I have to make a conscious effort to just remember to feed myself. The stress of the job, housework, taking care of the kids and the puppy, picking up after myself and also my husband who is also human and works, dealing with all of life's other things leaves very little time for my brain to decompress to a point where sex even crosses my mind.

    It's not necessarily a relationship killer, the death of a marriage bed, but it can be. It all depends on whether your relationship is enough that the lack of sex isn't overwhelming all of the other good. In your case, it may not be if you're on here asking for advice about how to manage either your detached feelings or the lack of sex being a deal breaker.

  2. I actually don't think you are a troll, trolls go out of their way to fire people up. I think your worldview was severely curtailed by the adults around you as a kid and that you projected that onto society at large despite evidence to the contrary. When faced with a reality you don't like, you come across as threatened and sarcastic. Your impact trumps your intention and you've already shown you are naive, both previous to this and with this reply. You don't understand the world you are in and you don't see the fairly obvious hostility in your response.

    And you have entirely neglected the entire point. There is a 13 yr old being sexually groomed by adults and the only person who can do something about it is more concerned about her doing something that kids have been doing since forever. This kid needs protection now, not after some sheltered adults finish clutching their pearls.

  3. I'm not even staying for the child. I love this women truly I do, that's why I haven't just left I guess.

    I had a friend suggest that we come to an arrangement whereby I have the freedom to go to sex workers as then its just availing of a service with no emotional connection but even the thought of doing that, with her knowledge and permission, hurts my heart.

  4. How do you react when your adult boyfriend 10 years your senior acts like a baby? You end the relationship as he is abusive!!!

  5. If he wants to walk before he even proposed, it would only end in divorce. Like don't bet this woman half your shit in a divorce that you'll grow and move on from this and forgive and forget cause you're likely to just be 18y down the road and starting over with your life.

  6. But u did it twice. And you lied. And you're mad at your brother instead of disgusted with yourself

  7. Again, it’s my opinion and normally I am the first to say leave and find some one better just like you replied (look at my comment history) but as OP said she’s “finally” wanting to go to therapy to fix her internal issues so this may be salvageable + no cheating was involved so there’s that.

  8. First relationships are tough, especially when you're both in different life stages (you being in school, him being done school), as well as being interested in different things. It sounds like you've just outgrown him. Time to move on. If he goes on dating apps who cares? He's not your problem at that point, nor are his (probably unhealthy) coping mechanisms.

  9. That's it, though, bending over backward to prove you don't lie and cheat like this? It isn't healthy or normal. He may be so broken that he will never trust anyone. That's not your fault or issue. He needs to work on himself and you need to as well, you shouldn't accept this type of surveillance. Any relationship that is that extreme is unhealthy and doomed.

  10. He clearly needs therapy because this will affect him for the rest of his life if not. And also it's important to not try to sway someone away from getting help when you don't even know the full story. Being 23 doesn't matter.


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