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  1. But I told him I like him romantically not for hook up I lost my bird, he was there for me, was very supportive, gave me hugs and was very affectionate. Sometimes when we crossed each other on streets, he would turn back and look at me while I was walking away and I would do the same 🙁

    I miss himhis passive aggressiveness was a clear sign that he never liked the fact that I didn't hook up with him. He was clearly expecting sex and on our first date last year, he told me how he wanted a 1 week break to his friends cottage in a seaside town. Implying that we should spend the 1 week together in the cottage.

    By the 2 d date, he was getting agitated when we were only talking and he didnt see me after the 2nd date but we kept talking in person.

    I ignored his passive aggressiveness but I could feel that he was also unhappy with us just chatting and clearly wanted to sleep with me.

    He hasn't blocked me but either deleted me or turned off his last seen only for me as when I asked him that I can't see his last seen so he deleted me, he didn't reply and just smiled but did say he archived our chats.When I wrote to him that I cannot continue with this, he sat with his head on his desk for 2 hours. Couldn't submit his work on time and had to extend for 5 days extra. Kept getting up and getting anxious.

    He was also unable to sit and study for a few days until he deleted me.

    My friend, who studies with him in the same room and has never spoken to him said these herself that he isn't showing what he truly feels but the way she saw him, she said it is

  2. It's really not. He's judging his friend as 'sinful' over something he has absolutely no control over. We on-line who we love and the people who love us accept that and should accept us unconditionally.

  3. Thank you for your help! I have actually been looking into a therapist recently, so I'll definitely go through with it.

  4. “I feel like she kept this information from me until it was essentially too late for me to even have a real conversation with her about it.”

    Of course she did. Now she can mooch off you, pay the minimum on her debts, and maintain her lifestyle at your expense.

    Do NOT let her move in. Do NOT feel bad! She tried to play and use you. You deserve someone as responsible as yourself.

  5. no i totally understand those kinds of comments and i appreciate the concern, i just didn’t really see the age gap as an issue until now

  6. when you asked him, I bet he didnt bat an eyelash.

    In all seriousness, just this one thing is not an issue but it is enough of one to keep an eye out for more. Trust is slippery sometimes and he just slide back a bit in your eyes

  7. All humans get bored, it was exciting in the beginning because it was all new and intense. Once the “honeymoon” phase fades out, that's when the rubber meets the road and reality sets in. The masks come off, and the real people are revealed. As long as this relationship is not toxic i.e. any mental, or physical abuse going on then maybe try to just switch up your routines, have planned date nights, if that doesn't kick start anything you might have to consider relationship counseling if you are still unhappy. One thing you need to remember is that you can't change a person to what you want them to be. You can only take care of yourself. Communication is the key.


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