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9 thoughts on “Mei inst: meitin7 the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. I would say it’s very possible that she’s interested in you.

    You could consider asking her if she’d like to meet you somewhere for a snack after school or to lunch on a weekend for you to both get to know each other better.

    You could say something too like “no pressure, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but I just wanted to ask.” Or “if you’re nervous, it doesn’t have to be a date. It can just be two classmates having lunch.” Or something casual like that. That might make her less nervous.

    Hopefully she’ll say yes!

  2. All of this is a him problem and he needs to be in therapy as well as both of you together.

    He cannot pull this crap on you.

    Either he lied to you through the years you spent TTC AND the IVF treatment.

    Or he made you go through all that and now he is having a mental breakdown.

    This isn't an oops baby. This is a planned, wanted, worked for baby. You went through the absolute nightmare that is IVF to get here and he wants you to get an abortion!?

    How much more is he going to sacrifice your body on the altar of his whims?

  3. I know them having a baby doesn’t necessarily involve me

    Uhhhhhhhhhh yes it will. If he's a halfway decent person his schedule and life will change a lot. Just to spend time with him will mean hanging out with a baby sometimes, and that's assuming he doesn't try to make a relationship work again with that ex and leave you cold.

    Go back to friends. You two were friends longer. Take some space and ping him in a month to catch up and feel out whether you're over those romantic feelings he took for a ride.

  4. I dont know the details of the sexual coercion neither am I asking you to explain.

    But sexual coercion is done through threat or blackmail – its not through begging (as some people erroneously conclude).

    So we're you threatened or blackmailed into using the sex toy? Or just pressured through persistent persuasion?

    Because you may not have been SA'd by your former friend and it may be beneficial to everyone to get everything correct as those are serious allegations.

  5. There's no shame in asking for clarification, so just talk to him and ask him what he meant.

  6. As long as you are with him (since you are aware of his ‘habits’ ) you are complicit in CSA. You!.. YOU! You are enabling his behaviour by doing nothing. To me your in the same basket as him because you have not alerted authorities! Stop playing victim. Your as bad as him now that you know and do nothing.


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