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Melissa Rivera, 21 y.o.


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  1. But it got the complete buildup of eventually becoming more without him realising yet. I don't mind friends of all genders, absolutely not. But the way he describes her and spends time with her seems quite similar to two folks madly in love but not realising it atm.

    And at the same time, you two didn't even meet. This is missing out on so many important points for a relationship, the complete chemistry (like I wrote, hormones, pheromones etc) couldn't build up due to that. It's more like an intense penpal with calling/Videochat on top of that.

  2. So the argument was over his desire to have control over you. You dodged the abuse bullet on this one. Everything he's done is about control.

  3. I don’t care if people abuse drugs and alcohol as long as they stay home and only risk killing themselves with the interactions vs other innocent people on the roads and sidewalks. So yeah, I’m intolerant of driving while impaired. The fact that you aren’t is unfortunate.

    I think you majorly overreacted, made a scene, need therapy, and you both could use some substance abuse counseling. At least don’t mix the fucking Xanax and booze. And add a stimulant to the mix. Come on. Are you trying to kill yourselves?

    I literally tutor pharmacology at a university for nursing and med students and I’m just gobsmacked at how flippant you are about the safety issue.


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