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Melody (AKA Mel / Melly), 22 y.o.

Location: Virtual Little Tokyo

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Live! Live Sex Chat rooms Melody (AKA Mel / Melly)

Melody (AKA Mel / Melly) live! sex chat

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  1. Uh obviously. You’re a biological parent. You’ll always have some level of responsibility for that child. But seems like you’re gonna abandon any sense of responsibility.

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    (Punctuation is awful here, half asleep currently) good luck op!

  3. Anxious/avoidant is untreated trauma, seeing a “therapist” that is in no way qualified to help him work through those issues is like going to a faith healer for cancer treatment.

    Who diagnosed your partner?

  4. you don’t even need to have your trust completely annihilated to know that this is a terrible take. as someone who luckily hasn’t suffered abuse in relationships, reading the comment still gave me a horrible gut wrenching feeling. it’s like a sociopath’s response to someone getting stabbed.

    “oh, real sorry about that bud. you should probably go talk it out with the person who stabbed you, seems like he has some unresolved conflict with you. btw, don’t listen to those people telling you to call the police bud, tbh i’m kind of getting sick of them overreacting.”

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