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  1. You're worried about living “knowing I'm not enough for him.” Ask yourself the real question – is he enough for me? Is this life enough for me? Is this life fair for my kids?

    Don't worry about “making” him break up with his best friends. He has already made it very clear that they are more important than you. He is not going to break up with them.

    Since when, anyway, is “experiencing more from life” all about someone's penis? What are YOU experiencing in life? What experiences is he offering YOU? Don't walk, run for the nearest exit and start experiencing YOUR life.

    I am so sorry for the way you are feeling. Know that none of this is about you. These are his flaws, his inadequacies, and you cannot fix him.

  2. I sometimes feel that my husband puts our cat's feelings over mine, and that's totally cool with me. I love that he loves her so, it's actually very cute.

  3. What will make me actually leave?

    At this point it just seems like this is going to go on until someone dies from all that sped up aging from emotional/mental stress. It is your life and your choice. Right now you have a choice to stay toxic and live miserably or get out and heal and build back some nontoxicity in your own life.

  4. Your BF can’t control his feelings and took out his anger/aggression on you. I’m also concerned about his behavior at the game.

    IF you decide to stay, I would say it needs to be contingent on him getting therapy. He needs to find a way to feel and express his emotions without aggression. If he’s willing to do the work, great.

    You also don’t need to stay with him while he betters himself. Even if he he says he wants to work on this, you can leave.


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