Mia-rendon on-line sex chats for YOU!

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14 thoughts on “Mia-rendon on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. She's really has something. She thinks that she can do what ever she wants because you love her? Hope she learned her lesson from here.

  2. ever heard the saying “a drunk person is a reflection of themselves”? dont let yourself stay with someone who is so hostile and shitty to you when drunk, and openly shit talks you

  3. I just can't imagine letting a video occupy that much free space in my mind. Everyone just needs to stay out of other folks phones. It's not that there's something to hide but obviously one never knows.

  4. Hon, he’s not husband material. Anyone that talks like that isn’t ready for marriage.

    Do yourself a favour and date someone else.

  5. Sorry I guess it came out wrong, I was just trying to get a sanity check that he’s being friendly that’s all. If not I would shut it down

  6. Tbh even if you hadn't had a traumatic birth, your husband's attitude throughout the whole thing has been more than enough to reconsider having more children with someone who has chosen to barely be present so early on.

    I can't foresee him changing and becoming someone who is going to be a present, caring father and husband.

  7. Thank you for your response. I forgot to add that I myself suffer from severe depression and anxiety, and i tend to go days without speaking to anyone during my worst episides. So that is another reason why i value my personal living space so much.

    What you said makes sense, i will advise he do that tomorrow, thank you again..

  8. I know that well. Ig kindness kinda made some people blind. She thought it'll be fine cuz a friend just wanted to see her little did she know he might have an ulterior move

  9. Remember that it’s not your right to act for him in regards to outing his abuser. That would just turn out to be another instance where someone else took his autonomy and right to choose away. My guess is that the teen who abused him, was most likely abused herself. I grew up with sexual abuse, and although I’ve never felt the need to sexually abuse others, I have felt the need to emotionally hurt them. Hurt people hurt people.

    I understand your anger on his behalf. But don’t focus on what he should do, or what you think he should do, when you’re helping him. Just be there to listen and validate what he says. That’s what he needs, as well as a professional therapist.

  10. You two seem to have a good relationship. I think this is a hiccup. Your feelings are definitely valid.

    I think this is due to the baby news being so new. But the two of you definitely need to talk. He's committed to a long haul agreement to spend half of his time off for years. Not only does this leave you caring for your child alone but it takes that time away from spending caring for your child with you, bonding with your baby and watching them grow.

    He not only should he consider you but he needs to consider the effect this will have on the relationship with your baby.

    And it may be all for nothing if the business fails. He needs a very strong agreement with his family.

  11. I don’t know you, but I’m proud of all you have accomplished!! I’m glad you are able to take control of your life and are kicking ass!!!

    I’m a stranger. Yet I don’t downplay your accomplishments or happiness. You know why? I’m not a jealous asshole. Your friend is jealous. Look at how awesome your life became once you were able to treat your diagnosis. I have ADHD and you are true inspiration!! It’s naked. And it’s more than the medication. It’s using the ability to focus yourself to put forth effort into successful actions. You’re friend wants to pretend it’s all the med and not you purely out of being ignorant of what you went thru and jealousy of your success. I’m sorry for that. Call her out. If she wants to continue to be a jerk, maybe it’s time to end the chapter on that friendship. Good luck!!


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