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  1. Reading this it’s clear you don’t really want a relationship with your ex and none of the issues that led to a divorce have been solved and are unlikely to be.

    It’s healthier for the kids not to be in a back and forth whilst you try again when you already know the outcome won’t be successful.

  2. I mean, your partner did exactly what you guys intended the break for: to find yourselves. Your partner found herself in someone else. It may be best for you to move on.

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  5. I’d cease all contact with that guy. What a total jerk to say those things to you. Toxic. You don’t need people like that in your life. There’s no such thing as “wife material.” Seriously.

  6. She’s an adult now and she’s allowed to make decisions, both good and bad, for herself. You should need to be dragging her out of a party regardless if it was what’s best for her general health. You had good intentions, but she acknowledges she has a problem, then immediately goes to a party and posts pics of her doing shots, so she truly doesn’t care if she has a problem or not. Do you really want to waste your best years on girl you have to “manage” all the time and have countless more conversations about her drinking? Do you really want to “be the bad guy” every single time she goes out drinking because she can’t control herself? Do you really want to continue dating someone who turns abusive with alcohol but chooses to not stop drinking regardless of the affect her behaviour has on others? It doesn’t matter if she means to be mean while she’s drunk, she knows she does it and chooses to continue to do it anyways.

  7. You said 3 times in this 5 line post that he's benefiting more from this than you are. What you mean is you're not benefiting. Leave him, you're obviously not happy.

  8. It’s more likely that she is getting less turned on physically, making it less comfortable for her vaginal canal during sex. Focus more on gore play and use plenty of lube.

  9. Consentual Non-Consent. It's rape role-play. 'No' does not mean no, 'Yugoslavia' or some other pre-negotiated safeword means no, so that the usual words that stop sex can be safely ignored.

  10. If he lives in his parents' basement it's the perfect scenario. He's their responsibility, not yours. Stop using the imaginary power you think you have to save him as an excuse to not move on with your life. The only people on earth who truly have any ability to get him mental health treatment if he needs it literally live under the same roof with him.

  11. If she wanted a bigger ?, believe me, she would have asked for a dildo A LONG TIME AGO.

    Plus bigger isn't always better. ITS PAINFUL AF.


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