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HELP ME MAKE MY BIRTHDAY CAKE/ Icecream on my ass + Spanks [Multi Goal]

9 thoughts on “Miawilddoll live webcams for YOU!

  1. I do not believe you. This is an obvious case of fabrication of information designed to confuse and obfuscate the situation. Until I receive all of these alleged pics you say you took, in high res format, with roughly a paragraphs worth of description with each picture, I won't believe this to be truthful.

    I hope you know that's a joke. It occurs to me, you're married and my joke might be in poor taste and if that's the case, I apologize. It wasn't my intention. I'm having issues at home so I'm starting problems on Reddit for attention.

  2. As b/f and g/f, and no deeper commitment, it should strictly be 50/50. You both equally pay your way.

    The financial decisions such as “Where do we online and what does it cost” should be made mutually. Obviously you making much less with have less to contribute to the living expense so the choices should factor in what you can afford. It seems to me that you are living beyond your means and have gone along with his choices. Unfortanately if you have agreed to that it puts you in a bit of a spot.

    However, you can sit down with him and tell him that you cannot afford the current costs. Explain that you overestimated what you could afford to pay in living expenses and are living beyond your means. Explain that you need to make changes to make things affordable for you. This will mean moving to cheaper accommodation, having cheaper utility and food costs. I'm not suggesting you use this as a manipulation tool to get him to pay more. I'm suggesting that you make very real plans to move out and live! within your means.

    During the conversation you have with him, he might be willing to pay more so that the two of you can maintain and keep your living arrangements. Perhaps the two of you paying an amount proportional to your incomes might work?? Some people do things that way.

    Whatever happens it still has to be considered fair by both parties. Because you have no strong commitment to one another beyond being b/f and g/f the two of you could break up tomorrow and have to walk away. Would one of you leave feeling they were financially disadvantaged and a bit ripped off? Or not?

  3. You move on man. This is toxic and you need a fresh start with someone who you dont have such codependency with.

  4. Then maybe his personal situation is why he doesn’t want to be with someone. If he won’t talk to you, there’s not a lot we can suggest to get him talking. If you assume it’s the money, bring it up and it’s not, then you could scupper it too. If he doesn’t want to be in a relationship for whatever his reason is, then that’s the situation you have to respect.


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