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6 thoughts on “Michaela75@xhlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I work in a pretty masculine dominated space and gym doesn’t really have other women my age mainly older clientele. I’m also not just talking about women, just a general way.

  2. Anyone who gives this man shit has never been in a relationship with a partner who refuses to pull their weight financially.

    Your frustration is absolutely valid and you would be nowhere near in the wrong if you decided to end your marriage over this.

    I have spent nearly two years with a man who dropped out of 11th grade months after voluntarily signing up for it, but then doing none of the work, to have him apply for an apprenticeship with a starting date of a year from that point on, so he had time to focus on getting his drivers license, which he did not do because he didn't put any effort into it and blamed it on me not being supportive enough. Then start the apprenticeship, which earned him more in his first year than mine in my third year, only to be complaining from day one about the lack of personal guidance and being expected to learn with a textbook (IT is tough huh) and drop out two months in (after just earning enough money for his new gaming pc), then getting a part time job at minimum wage and expecting that to be fine.

    I nearly lost my sanity. Don't do that. Better safe than insane.

  3. Logically it makes sense. Emotionally it does not. Because statistics around about your personal relationship but everyone else.

    Imagine you are a man who proposes to your SO and she turned you down because 50% of marriages end in divorce (or some other large figure; I haven’t fact-checked). It’s not about logic of the statistic. It’s that she would say that your unique relationship is a statistic.

    And in this hypothetical, it could be absolutely anyone’s fault for divorce. In a paternity test, it’s way more insulting because the only way that statistic would work would be if the woman is a cheating scumbag.

  4. Seems like your issue is with what happened on the threesome not him watching porn. So either work on what happened or leave. But asking him to not watch porn is pretty ridiculous. I think it would be extremely naked to find a guy that doesn’t.


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