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  1. Am I thinking too much into this?


    If we are nothing I would still want to be his friend.

    I imagine he'd feel the same, and likely told you as much.

    Should I date someone who doesn’t think the same?

    Yeah if you were thinking this was worth breaking up over, you're probably gonna end up single eventually regardless of your decision today.

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  3. Question: what would you count as “maliciously mean”? Something designed to intentionally hurt your feelings, I’m guessing. So if he’s being unintentionally mean, but still hurting your feelings and not apologizing or taking accountability then I have to ask you – what’s the difference? Because the end result is the same – he hurts you, you tell him that, and then he hurts you again by telling you your opinion is stupid and your feelings are invalid. He’d respond exactly the same way if he’d made the comment specifically to hurt you.

    You can’t make him care about your perspective, or take your feelings seriously. All you can do is ask yourself if you really want to stay with someone who thinks it’s ok to make you feel bad and not apologise as long as they supposedly didn’t mean to. And if you don’t want that, then you make it clear to him that he can either work on himself to change his attitude or you can walk.

  4. How old was your child?

    Stories like this make me so skeptical. Kids are assholes and annoying, usually (but not always) if a dog bites a kid, the kid was doing something wrong.

    That being said, I do hope your child was okay.

  5. First off, it does matter to you if he wants a relationship or something casual. It's ok to admit that, and it's ok to ask for what you want. With that said you just have to let him know how you feel. If that makes him run, fuck em, he wasn't worth it.


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