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  1. If she is actually cheating, it’s very unlikely that she’ll not have already deleted any conversations. Why would a cheater keep the conversations with the person they cheated with

  2. This isn’t really her job. She’s just really beautiful and has a lot of followers I would say it’s more like a hobby for her. She has a professional job.

  3. Change the genders and everyone would be outraged that your partner had been raped.

    He made some mistakes leading upto the event, but it really doesn't sound like he was lucid enough to give consent.

    Add in the fact his superior has also suffered trauma, it makes it more likely for her to reenact that on others.

    Seriously, people wonder why men don't speak up about rape, all the comments focusing on him being told a lie to get him alone and in vulnerable situation sum it up.

    As per advice, your partner really needs to own up on his actions and if he's telling the truth he needs to raise it with the authorities.

    His depression also isn't an excuse for disrespecting you.

  4. You are not a horrible person for disliking him getting fat or fatter.

    I do think internalizing this as a sign he doesn't care for you is a bit misplaced. I would reframe it as his feelings for you (or anyone) are not enough to motivate him to do better. In other words, divorce yourself from his decision to remain and gain.

    Is his depression being adequately treated? Has he always been flippant about his health?

  5. The fact that you even consider putting watching a sports game over spending time with your family is baffling. What kind of father are you.

    It's literally just a game. This is not what's important to you. I understand watching a sports game (I myself occasionally watch soccer) when there's nothing better to do, or getting together with some friends and watching a “big” game every once in a while. But to say that that's “important to you” is completely bonkers. Grow up. You are 32, not 16. It's not “your team”. It's just a team. A bunch of rich people playing sports that do no absolutely care about you at all. Detach yourself from this cult-like behaviour. You do not belong with those people, you are not part of anything.

    Spend your time and money creating good memories for your children and wife instead of a couple of hours among screaming strangers.

  6. Go look at r/asoneafterinfidelity in the information section. You will find how to put together a proper, preferably written disclosure. Minimizing is called trickle truth and is usually even more destructive. Also, read some posts to help you prepare for the roller coaster ride that is reconciliation. Good luck OP.

  7. Think you’ve got to back out to just normal gf actions, not working for him part time, or paying his way. If he breaks up, then that is why he wanted to be with you and better you know now.

    Also by doing all this and paying his way, you are enabling his behavior and lifestyle.

  8. Sit her down and tell her the truth mate, that's all you can do.

    It's reeeeeally fucking difficult to break up with someone you've been with for a long time though. You'll go through a rollercoaster of emotions during the conversation and question your own decision, especially when you see her upset and your natural empathy comes out.

    The key is to make sure you're rock solid in your decision before you go into the conversation. Whenever you're going through all the emotions and questioning your decision, remember your true feelings and decision you made before the conversation. Stay on track and don't be thrown off by the rollercoaster.


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