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  1. It's hot to be friends with people you are romantically interested in because once you start seeing them date, all those feelings get brought back up.

  2. If you’re disgusting for one relationship he’s double disgusting. Judge him by his own standards and say you’ve seen how disgusting it is and that he’s right, so you’re breaking up with him cause he’s twice as disgusting as you.

  3. Sure I can admit that can be true for some, in my partners case his ex was unwilling to try anything new, pretty much just starfished the whole time. Until we started having sex he had only ever done missionary with no foreplay.

  4. The grass is always greener where it's watered.

    Your thoughts are always strongest where they are remembered.

    Emotions follow thoughts. When you choose to change your thoughts to positive ones, your emotions will follow.

  5. Not that this is a bad idea, but CPS will get involved and the child will be taken to a safe place. They don’t know WHO is involved, so you will initially be punished as well. Just saying. Scary stuff.

  6. I wonder if this is part of my problem too. Both of my parents were alcoholics, dad still very much struggling, so I sometimes wonder if I have a sensitivity to it almost.

  7. I love games, and that has been a point of contention with my wife at points in our relationship, but you're looking at buying a house with a guy who can't walk away from games for more than an hour to spend time with you. There's a lot of maintenance involved in owning a home. It's very time consuming and expensive, even when you have brothers in law who are an engineer and a house builder to help. Is he going to help you with the house? Will be be comfortable taking that time out of his gaming time to help, or does he plan to take that time out of his time spent with you? I don't think this is good idea. Can you buy the house yourself, in your name only? If this all falls apart, and it sounds like it will eventually if nothing changes, you should cover your ass.

  8. Same. I feel like people are acting like you can only have same sex friends once you're in a relationship.

  9. I've never brought it up because in my mind it might come across as me saying I'm fed up of her or something. As far as I'm concerned everything in the relationship is going fine, I know she's shown interest recently in my therapy matters due to some stuff that happened in my past before I met her but I've already been honest in that sector and said I honestly want to keep it between me and my therapist.

  10. You found out he's married…yikes, sorry. Do you know a way to get into contact with his wife? It might be an option to let her know, but you should only do so if you feel safe – its not always going to be as simple as “just tell her” if this guy knows where you live and is that aggressive. This is also so that you could, if need be, use that as a sticking point if he keeps coming around. “Leave me alone or I will tell your wife.” You could also say “we will tell your wife” to let him know you have someone out there looking out for you.

  11. Your bf should declare you are his gf – if after 6 months he still doesn't so it then he doesn't actually love you. MAN IN LOVE will want to declare his gf to the world to show the love & for other man back-off. He is playing you out. He already lied & cheated on you with her.

    In your next relationship you should also be gutsy to tell any other women to back-off / hands-off your bf – stake your claims & insist on being declared as the gf. If you can't issue any “ultimatum” then you are not ready to be in a relationship as you are too kind.

    If its me I will go & get myself a new boyfriend who will LOVE to tell the world that I am his & no women like “MIA” around.

  12. So he's disappointing two people at the same time instead of one? Have you stayed the same as when you were with him or have you improved as well? People are allowed to grow and change. You weren't right for each other and that's okay.

    All you saw was a well dressed man with two women in public, you have no idea if he's actually grown up, communicates better, or washes his hands. He could have been in the best foot forward phase, I doubt he was gross when you first met him.

  13. Honestly there’s nothing to come back from. The only one who needs to like you is your girlfriend. And as long as she doesn’t let her family be rude to you, you are fine. Don’t put too much stock in making a good impression to parents.

  14. Lol! Quitting porn and the resulting masterbation should be top on your list. They are your problem. I don't have a problem with them but they definitely cause limp dick when not used in moderation. Your mind becomes dependant on that type of simulation. And if you're that sexualy active, you shouldn't need them. But getting healthy is always a positive step!

  15. I don't really have any close female friends that aren't relatives, but in general Emma hasn't been a jealous person.

  16. Most people go through one relationship that's way longer than they wanted, and they're usually much more direct and know what they want after so find someone more genuinely compatible afterwards.

  17. Either you are equal or your not. Grab my girls hair and take her to the ground you are going going to be removed from her, without much regard to your safety or well being.

    Sweetie, there is no such thing as a fair fight.

  18. 1)You may need to pause the relationship or you to heal

    2) make sure you are seeing a trauma therapist

    3) consider changing up your BC

    4) talk to your bf usually as long as you are willing to try and at least be intimate we are all good.

  19. So is is scared of birth or did you actually have a life or death situation?

    Would you risk your health just in case the next baby is a friend to your other child?

    I say this as I had a situation and if it had been a risk I would have decided that one child was enough as the thought of that child not having a parent was one I was going to consider.

    If he is traumatised then that is something that you could work on, as I had some PTSD that I had to work through and it helped. If it was a serious condition then talk to your doctor and find out if there is a big risk, with information you will be better placed to discuss it with your partner.

    I did go onto have 2 children and they do not interact because they are very different people, yes they get on but they are not best friends and probably won't be. Myself is closer to someone who is 5 years younger rather than same age, so age doesn't always help.

  20. Generally he is carrying etc, and Im semi happy. But I have to be on the phone half of the time and its making me feel anxious/not present. Plus taking way longer to connect with each other. I want to pursue the ideal situation, but does it ever exist?…

    I dont believe that you have to dump every person you are with if there is something to work on, I think people who do this end up alone forever and that relationship always have things to work on anyway, its a process.

    Im thinking maybe there is a way to work this through and help him. In what way I dont know. He saying us fighting over this destabilises him and makes him feel really bad/weak. But when things are good and he just doesnt seem to be pushing enough to solve this issue(doesnt want any job, doesnt want any room etc) whether if I will be in this situation I would hands on work on it everyday

  21. I couldn't go back from that. He shouldn't have told you. Or maybe it's right that he did. I wouldn't have wanted to know.

  22. Is the affair over? In all honesty, why wait to find out what she wants? What do you want? Please don’t play the pick me game… moine respect that. Do you have kids?

  23. My girlfriend despite being almost 20 years older than me is very insecure and very sensitive when it comes to feeling like she’s left ou

    That is why she is not dating someone her age.

  24. He came onto you and you said no. He has so far been respectful but it’s obvious he was coming onto you hard in the beginning. You could always ask to clarify, but personally I don’t see any glaring red flags here.

  25. Me ex said the same thing about not wasting his time and money on someone if he wasn’t serious about the relationship. Turns he had cheated on me with at least 4 people that I know of since I bought my house and he moved in a year and a half ago.

  26. Maybe his answer might change in time as he is older ?‍♀️ at 29 I’m sure most of his friends have dated around and he could be envious he didn’t. Even if that is true it was pretty awful of him to say kind of. He could have tried to spare your feelings.

    So I’m 38 and my husband is 39. We met and started dating when I was 15 (he was 16). We moved in together at 18 and married at 19 and we are still together. I do not have any regrets. Especially when I hear about how hot dating is these days and all the posts her about how posters have some real shitty partners. I don’t feel that I’ve missed out.

    I got lucky because my husband is a great husband. I mean the bar is quite low on Reddit but he washes his butt (apparently this is not basic hygiene for a lot of dudes based on numerous Reddit posts) and he also wipes his ass as well. He isn’t abusive in anyway. Is loyal and has never cursed at me or yelled at me. I always tell people if we ever split up I’m not even going to bother with dating. He is my one and I was so sure if it when I was only still a kid and I am now too. But idk what my answer would have been in my late twenties since I never considered the question.

  27. Listen to your friends. They love you and have no reason to lie about this guy who they presumably have never met. They don't have skin in the game other than caring about you.

  28. I remember my own mother with PPD after having my sister. I will never take it lightly after that experience.

  29. I think you'd be better off telling him before he has a chance to do it again. Telling someone you don't like the thing they've literally just finished doing for you hurts more than if you pick a different moment.

    Try for a neutral occasion, when you're not cross with each other or having a great time. Thank him for the gesture. Apologise for not telling him this sooner, and explain that you didn't want to hurt him. Then clearly (and preferably neutrally, without blame or judgement, if you can) explain the reasons why you'd prefer he do things differently if he wants to do something nice for you.

    If he genuinely wants to do something nice for you, he'll appreciate the information, but he'll probably be embarrassed first, and you'll need to get through that stage.

  30. They've been together 8 months. They haven't been fighting for 8 months , for all we know it's been a month , you ever heard of effort in a rs..I mean seriously.

  31. Please please please do not have sex with this guy without a condom. He is being incredibly disrespectful to you. I’m sorry.

  32. There's a lot to unpack here but I can say, for many women it is difficult to achieve orgasm through penetration. It has nothing to do with size (unless you literally have a micropenis) or not being enough. A lot of women are also embarrassed to talk about not being able to cum even with their partners.

    You should talk to her about how it makes you feel but as part of that conversation, you should ask her if there are parts of your sex life that she thinks could be different (what turns her on, different kinks, things that you all could explore together). Communication is truly one of the most important pieces of a great and safe sex life.

  33. The “science” of reading body language is largely just pseudoscientific garbage. The best way to find out is to ask him! You got this!

  34. What if I text and I don’t get a reply? Do I still head over? She lives in a building where I need to be buzzed in by her.


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