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14 thoughts on “Mileena Kane on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. You need to define what you want, define your boundaries, and your expectations, and most importantly why you feel the way you do. Only then can she begin to understand your perspective. Be realistic, open, and honest with her.

  2. You’re in your 30s and have plenty of time to start over. Regardless of your age or what you put into the relationship, there isn’t any way to move on. You said it yourself. You can and should start over.

    I want to say this plainly: this man has proven that he can kill you. This stuff escalated and if you stay and nothing changes, it is most likely that he will kill you. He threatened you with a weapon over a simple request of being left alone. Whether he keeps his weapons or not, what’s stopping him from doing it when you get into a worse fight?

    He doesn’t work. He’s an addict. He doesn’t seem to be actively working on his mental health. He’s abusive. What do you get out of this relationship exactly that you don’t want to throw away? 2 years of you holding everything down and nothing changed positively. Don’t fall prey to the sunken cost fallacy.

    Do not marry him. Leave as soon as you safely can. Contact a women’s shelter for help and guidance. Get far away from this man and protect yourself. Then focus on getting therapy and building your life up again. You deserve to be safe, loved, and supported. Never has my husband ever exhibited any form of violence toward me when we have disagreements. We talk and come to an understanding. When we ask for space, it’s given. Your experience is so sad and abnormal. I’m sorry.

  3. Sexual compatibility is important in a relationship, you don't have it. Dont have much else to say.

  4. I’m sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine what you may be going through. I guess you’re right about that “one partner for life”. I think its just religiously I was always taught you’re supposed to have one sexual partner for life. And its what my parents brainwashed me into believing my whole life. So i’m just trying to unfuck my mind from all the things I was taught was wrong to do.

  5. Guy here, run (not walk) away from this guy. His manipulation tactics are plain scary and the gaslighting is ridiculous. You are not crazy, you are not overreacting, you are completely right to be upset and concerned. Cut this cancer out of your life and I guarantee you will be happier long term.

  6. At one point my husband wanted a bike, I told him if u ride, I am gonna sit behind u everytime no matter what so if we die, we die together. I told him same about racing cars on track (like not actual race but just to take our car and drive on tracks) and he decided that he cannot put my life at risk and didn't get a bike. We have taken our car a couple of times to race tracks for like some drifting and stuff and I sat with him, it was scary af but so much fun!


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