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  2. It sounds like your GF has never been able to fully commit. It also sounds like she’s not going to change, based on the details you have shared. So why wait for someone to change—especially if that someone has cheated, lied, manipulated, and gaslit you? OP: You need to do some deep soul-searching and find out why you are putting up with this behavior. It’s not right. Relationships built on this type of foundation do not last—for obvious reasons. This post is heart-breaking and so is your situation. I hope 2023 brings you something better.

  3. You need to say I am not interested in dating you. Saying a general thing about the friend group isn’t enough.

  4. Your GF is probably accepting overtime hours because she is trying to save up money for something. Also , her overtime could end at anytime, so a rent adjustment is kind of a Dick move, a power play by you controlling the finances.

  5. Your a predator and honestly kinda a pedo in my books How about you do her a favor, get out of her life and date someone who isn't “only a 12 year age difference” from yourself.

    And no I don't mean safe someone who's a 16 year age difference instead ?.

  6. Definitely tell people. Ring his mum and ask her for her advice. Chances are she’ll have a lot to say to him about it.

  7. I wouldn't be moving anywhere new with him. The “reuse dirty dishes” thing is disgusting. I really can't believe he would suggest that just so he doesn't need to clean.

    I'd break up with him because he has growing up to do. This kind of behaviour rarely gets better. You don't want to online that way forever do you?


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