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13 thoughts on “Milfcerdalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Okay best of luck.

    If you ever decide to try again maybe pair it with therapy.

    Likely if every friendship has ended badly you are at least some of the time doing something too.

    But if you’re done with it then no need to explore that.

  2. I don't know if I can hang on … which feels really dramatic given that he's rude and I never know why or when that will be. There are many good things here and two decades of memories. However…. I do find myself more and more wanting to let go. But also not. It's a hot place to be in. He is disrespectful, and I can't address it or he will get nasty

  3. I know! And I am a fairly fucking progressive person (my post history probably shows that). But I still want to see people make even the tinniest effort to do things as an adult. The whole point about her not taking the bus really pissed me off. I can't fathom doing that.

    And then you had people in here excusing that behavior! Just bonkers.

  4. I am actually an expert in food critics and thought it was kind of me to offer it for free, but everyone is entitled to their opinions I guess.

  5. OP you went from an abusive partner to another abusive partner. That’s why u should take time to heal and not date, because it’s a critical time to build boundaries and get an understanding of what goes wrong. Quickly bonding and alchool issues scream stay the f away. Alchool is associated to NPD, look at how shallow, at how he surrounds himself and people he perceives to be influential and how he sees that as a social ladder. Run. He has probably already cheated on you. He’s telling you I need a doll by my side so I can look good.

  6. I view sacrificing my education in the small ways I prioritised his over mine. During our IGCSE’s, he took some classes and complete the exams a year in advance, so I did his english and spanish coursework to counter the workload for him. At the same time, I didn’t study as hot for my own classes.

    He also repeated a year of his IGCSEs when he moved country, something to do with his birthday not aligning with the new schools system, so I helped him out by doing his homework.

    This change meant that I was doing his work during my IB years (an extremely demanding diploma in international schools), which significantly reduced the amount of time I put into my own work. On top of that, i found out about the cheating around that time too, which spiralled me into depression and I slacked off on an extremely important essay that nearly got me kicked off the course (lawyers got involved). I was on track for oxford, but that quickly went up in the air when that whole incident happened. In the end, I still got the grades to get in, but I had to put a year aside to complete the course which he convinced me was not worth the time for reapplying to uni, so I accepted an offer from a university that would be close to where he would be studying.

    During my free time, I also did a lot of art for his company (it is my job) for free, sometimes I would not do my own job so that I could finish something for his website. I also wrote all of his university applications as he was busy with his company and he got offers from every one of them (MIT, Imperial, Kings, etc)

    This isn’t his fault though, and I don’t resent him or my decisions to prioritise his education over my own. He is also the smartest person I know, so my efforts weren’t the leading contributor for his success. But I am scared of what this might mean for me in the future if we were to break up, as I feel like my own potential has disappeared.

    As to why, I guess for love? He never forced me to do any of it, I volunteered my time because I knew I could be helpful.

  7. I’m sorry this is difficult for you, so you need to find somebody gentle your trust. But the truth is if you have an adult male boyfriend, he’s going to want to have sex with you. You’re a grown adult woman it’s part of a healthy relationship. And he can be gentle it first and take his time but you’re gonna have some mental problems. If you don’t find a way to work it out it’s not an unreasonable expectation in fact, it’s absolutely normal.

    If you think there’s something wrong or different with your body because I’m very petite and except for the first few times with my body was getting used to it. It feels great. But if you’re afraid, go to the doctor and have yourself checked out.

  8. Been with fiance for 3 years. He wasn't with me when I had breast cancer.

    I was with my ex for 10 years.

  9. Yeah because touching a woman’s boobs and going to strip clubs without the actual label of it “isn’t cheating”.. you must be walking around with half a brain.

  10. Two things, 1) End it. If she is lead by the opinions of others, you'll never be her hero. 2) Learn some English punctuation. (Ok, the second one was for myself and other readers, not really relationship advice, just advice in general.)


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