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  1. Exactly. Like a told someone else who sent me a very hateful message after posting this, I’m sure my kids want their mommy to be happy rather than miserable with their dad

  2. That’s all fine and dandy but at the end of the day he is actively choosing to stay with his wife. Whether he works on the marriage or not is another story, as of now he is deciding, daily, to physically stay with her.

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  4. OP I am a recovering alcoholic and would drink more in an evening than most people would in a month. You know what I never did? Got drunk and drunk texted and cheated on my wife. All your fiancé is doing is shifting the blame from himself to the alcohol. That is not the way it works. Alcohol and coke do not make you do anything you don’t want to do. I hope for your sake you ditch your POS cheating fiancé as you deserve so much better.

  5. It sounds like your partner has deeper issues and the smaller things just bring them to light.

    It sounds like your partner is overly reliant on you and when you arent there, they dont know how to manage their emotions. Even if it isnt intentional, it's a toxic relationship that actively harms both of you. The more they lean on you, the more emotionally drained you get and then your partner also gets even more dependant on you. Unless it changes, it will probably end up with your partner dragging you down and when you are unable to support them, they will completely crash out.

    All we can really suggest is your partner gets therapy.

  6. *”Heh, can you imagine living here as a conservative? Like, -fiance's name-, can you imagine if your mom lived here?”*

    Reading this sounds like you were making your fiance's mom the butt of a joke, Op. You, fiance, and your “male friend” were together and YOU made it a point, Hey! This is MAGA country! Hey, *fiance* your mom would have a conniption if she lived here, wooo~~~

    You made your fiance's mother the butt of a joke.

  7. Or maybe it was an experience she doesn't care to have again and has nothing to do with him. He is an asshole for pressuring her and using that logic, and you're giving him an out by acting like it's acceptable.

  8. He's not a healthy person. You do not need to be in a relationship with him right now.

    And honestly, it sounds like you're already breaking up if you haven't talked in a week.

  9. Man pretty sure my husband still has condoms in his bedside table even though he had a vasectomy few years back. Dudes just be shit and cleaning stuff out sometimes. ??‍♀️


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