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  3. So he's asking you to be his sidechick or stay available in case it doesn't work out with her.

    Girl, have soms self-respect.

  4. Yeah something I’ve also noticed is while we did talk throughout the year, at some point it would fizzle out but he would always start the conversation up again around the time I would come visit. This is why I think you are right in that i should end it now to save myself from getting hurt later.

  5. Sorry, you thought she'd feel closer to you after hearing that you fantasize about sex with other women? I can't say I totally follow the logic there. She seems fine with the “dark side,” it's you telling her you actively think about sex with others that's the issue. That's not “darkness,” it's just regular fantasizing but many if not most people would not want to hear that from their spouse in a monogamous relationship. It's completely natural that it made her feel insecure.

    Your therapist seems fairly biased toward you in my opinion. Honestly I think the best solution here is to tell your wife that you'll stop and just keep it to yourself. That's a white lie and white lies make the world go round, just like you're not going to go out of your way to tell your partner how hard their sister is. There's nothing wrong with thinking these thoughts in your own head, but there's zero benefit to sharing them.


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