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  1. Sometimes I see these posts in here of “I found out X today about my partner and now I’m feeling really awkward/uncomfortable about it” and I just want to say that I’ve had that type of thing happen to me in a few relationships, and after sitting with it for a few weeks I was totally over it. You’re feeling odd about it now, but probably in a few days or a week, you’re going to start enjoying time with her again, remember what you like about her so much, and realize that what happened before you met hasn’t really mattered to your current relationship and the good experiences you’ve had so far. Everyone has done things good and bad, it’s up to you to decide how much this weighs against how much you’ve seemingly enjoyed the relationship so far, but if I were you I’d do my best to power through it for a week at least and then reevaluate feelings at that point.

  2. Go get therapy for your insecurities. That's it. Nobody can do the work for you. There's no magic pill. There's no potion. No magic words.

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  4. Does your girlfriend has other close friends or family?

    If her friends is toxic it might have isolated her and that's what made take her friend back.. as other suggested maybe therapy would help her, even without her friend in her life, a lot of things change around her age and taking care of a newborn can be challenging so it might be good for her anyway.

  5. You need to have a talk with your BF. He needs to stay out of your relationship with your mom. You need to establish boundaries with him in regard to this. He needs to understand that your relationship with your mom has been built over your entire life. He can't come in after a few years of dating and expect to understand the complexities or the background involved in your relationship. He needs to butt out.

    You only get one mom. You might have several BFs and a few husbands in your life. A mother daughter bond is special.

  6. Ya I used to be this guy. I'm 32 now, in a happy stable relationship with a girl I share common interests with.

    The girl I had a crush on when I was 20 who I used to go to the club with and watch her leave with her abusive ex is now a single mother after having two kids with her drug dealer and marrying him.

    She really has matured so much and I'm happy for her… but some people need to go on a journey that you don't want to join them on.

  7. I can't believe how fragile some people are. So you'd break up with someone because they look at other women. They don't cheat or even know their names or ever contact these women yet this is a deal breaker? Good luck lol

  8. Makes sense to me what she said. I'm not saying it's the right thing to do but the other commenters are making it sound like it's insane and she must be cheating etc. But you've been together almost her entire adulthood.

    She feels she has become too dependent on you, and stuck in a rut knowing you are her safety net. And she thinks she needs to go it alone to shake herself awake. In fact you explained it all yourself. I can't imagine how hurt you must feel but I see her point.

  9. Sounds like MIL is trying to cause nonsense in the relationship and this is why talk between her and your girlfriend isn't deep and meaningful. I wouldn't speak to your girlfriend about it personally – she likely will be mortified her mom is putting her business out there. Your mom needs to tell MIL that she's not interested in hearing it.

  10. I know you not on the fence about a cheater bro lol , please have some self respect and move off this dude

  11. Hold on there, her not wanting intimacy is not on you unless you are abusive or something.

    She could be asexual or have a hormonal imbalance.

    I know everyone thinks that your first is extra special, blah, blah, but it is a testing ground.

    There are hundreds of women who love physical affection. Thing is you are finding out that you are incompatible. That's a big deal in a relationship. You deserve physical affection. You deserve to feel loved and cherished as much as she does.

    It's time to have a heart to heart and determine if you really aren't compatible. Unless you want to live! like this and feel like this forever the conversation needs to be had.

  12. Don't push him on it. He's abusive and could escalate if challenged. Quietly get your ducks in a row and plan your exit.

    You just wrote multiple paragraphs about how awful he is to you. Nothing to save here.


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