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9 thoughts on “Mishellxy live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Your siblings grew up and moved away when they grew up, and you’re still living with Mom. Of course they consider you the childish, undeveloped one. Anybody would. Where does this impression that you are “independent” come from? You never left the nest. If you want to foster better relationships with your siblings, move out of your parents and start adulting in a manner they will have respect for.

  2. You have no business dating when you can't even set appropriate boundaries with your parents.

  3. I just can’t understand why the sister would be like, hey look at what I have, evidence of cheating. And not rape as she would’ve be drunk or out of it on drugs. It just doesn’t make sense that the sister has this and is like her she did a line a Coke and back to the hotel for a gangbang. And she wasn’t so worried for her that she didn’t immediately call you and say something horrible happened. Because I know I wouldn’t been worried about cheating.

  4. She likes it enough to do it every so often, which is really not what I’m used to in my relationships usually in terms of volume. And when she does do it by no means is it bad, and she is enthused in her own way.

  5. Shit. I think he's just getting off the phone with his girlfriend. I'll bite the pillow and take it, then deal with the consequences with my therapist on Thursday.

    Thanks for the warning.

  6. there might have been some element of that. I have tried to envision my future with her, and moving in was a way to basically the test drive what our future would look like.

    Also, moving in would've saved her money, and allow her to take on an easier shift at her job.

  7. The core of the issue won't be addressed with that. He thinks that in a relationship, you shouldn't need that much time and space away from your partner to decompress from life, and not speak with or see them during that time. He is still going to think a weekend away every two months is too much, but he might not take issue with once a year, or decompressing together, or something along those lines.

    And you do think it's necessary.

    That's what I mean about inflexibility. You are willing to move it for events, but you aren't willing to change it, or include him, or find a way to decompress with him involved. So he's refusing to be flexible about it as well, and sees that if you two are going to plan a holiday, your other one is unnecessary, as a holiday, in its nature, is meant to be relaxing and for decompression.

    It's an incompatibility. Neither of you is wrong to want what you want. But I think you're both going about this the wrong way, and it's leading to serious resentment and frustration, and unless one of you is mature enough to do the right thing and say “hey, this doesn't work for me, we should call it” then it's gonna end badly.


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