Miss_Diamond_ live! webcams for YOU!

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SQUIRT / CUMSHOW – My Special Things – 103 , 303 , 503 , 1003 [774 tokens remaining]

5 thoughts on “Miss_Diamond_ live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Hey, i have been thinking this for a while and i dont think i can do this anymore. I dont find us on a same page. Hope you can understand. Best wishes:)

  2. Some of this sounds like boring culture clash. I've known plenty of people – usually from more rural areas – who always have time to stop what they're doing and chit chat while they're in the middle of something. Eventually, you start counting on X amount of time “wasted” while running into folks at the grocery store, at the mall, wherever. Old classmates, cousins, teachers, churchgoers… whatever. Being available to catch up doesn't necessarily mean that the people catching up have some kind of secretly important relationship.

    It might be worth talking to your partner about how you're uncomfortable being derailed like that, and if they would be comfortable limiting their catching up to 5 or 10 minutes. However, it's your job “on your own” (i.e. preferably with a therapist) to work through whatever insecurities you have that make you jealous. Obviously it would be healthy if you can explain your feelings to your partner, but it's not their responsibility to manage your jealousy. Don't make it their responsibility, not unless you want to be the next ex.


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