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  1. Call her bluff and leave, but call a divorce lawyer the moment you get to wherever you are staying. Set up a bank account in your name only and have your work start putting your pay check in there. If things work out you can always change the bank situation. But if she's asked you to leave then leave. See how it feels to on-line on your own. A lawyer will help you navigate each of the steps.

  2. that's a shitty thing for her to say to you. but how selfish are we talking? do you put effort in to get her off aside from p in v?

  3. Just talk to her about exceptions in the relationship going forward. Making sure you are each making each other feel respected in the relationship.

    Vacation partying, with drinking games and mild nudity? Personally, i wouldn't care, because i trust my partner not to put herself in a dangerous positions or to be unfaithful. But i understand where your coming from.

    And – this happened when you were only 5 months in, relationship was still new? Would she behave the same way now? Like i said, talk to her about expectations going forward,

    Probably an unpopular opinion for this sub but also: It's just tits. Who cares if people see breasts?

  4. For her to not want sex as age 25 is just crazy IMO because IMO at that age sex should be off the freakin' rails. There's something else going on, either she's getting it somewhere else or she's just not into you anymore, nothing else to be said really

    This is really shitty of you to say. There are a myriad of levels of sexual need and interest. Straight up saying 'if you don't want it all the time there is something wrong with you' so unnecessarily shaming and judgmental. Surely you've heard of high libido, low libido and asexual?? If not, get your head out from under that rock.

    It is actually quite common for someone to have a higher libido at the beginning of a new relationship but have that drop off – sometimes dramatically so – as the relationship continues. Some people just really don't care about sex or have much interest in it or rarely 'crave' it. Because – Newsflash! – people are different and have different desire levels.

    Does that mean OP needs to stay in a relationship with someone who has a dramatically different libido than he does? Nope. But it doesn't mean there is something wrong with her either. Yeesh.

  5. Oh boy don’t you just have life figured out lol. Best of luck to you and the rest of relationships, be prepared for A LOT of disappointment, as well as growth.

    Also – I assure you this is absolutely a correct use of the word. Projection does not just simply mean taking your own experiences/feelings and putting them onto someone else. There are quite literally 7 definitions of the word. But not to split hairs, ISN’T THAT WHAT YOU EXACTLY SAID YOU’RE DOING HERE? GIVING ADVICE FROM YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE AND EXPERIENCE? lol. So yeah I’d say you’re projecting in multiple senses of the word.

  6. Yeah but it’s not an accident is it. You could have been honest with Daniel in the first place and told him you had a boyfriend but instead you chose the deceitful route hence why he probably thought it was safe to assume you liked him too so he told you. NONE of this would have happened if you had just done the right thing in the first place. Not an accident.


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