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  1. I’d think I’d probably talk to them about my concerns and ask them to address it first. If that didn’t work, then I’d leave yeah. I get your point though, thank you.

  2. OP I’m really sorry that you heard that and had to see those messages.

    I will say, the things that people say to their close friends can sometimes be exaggerated in an attempt to express frustration or even trying to be funny. The message he sent to his friend sounds like something that was likely exaggerated.

    It doesn’t make it okay. But it’s likely not actually how he feels.

    Regardless, it’s not okay for him to say and you should have a conversation with him about these kinds of comments. He needs to stop making these kinds of comments and respect you and your relationship in the presence of others.

  3. Yeah some of my mates on tests are animals that’s for sure haha

    In my opinion test is only useful for serious bodybuilders/influencers or for when your test starts declining naturally and you want to retain muscle growth

  4. In her mind, it’s “helping” because she’s trying to do the healthy aspect, but that’s not healthy any more when you’re refusing to give your body nutrients. She’s not going to realize how she’s making it worse until she gets a medical intervention.

  5. I don't know what's going on but I can't see anyone's comments on here. I have messaged mods about thai but got no response. Very sad. Wish I could read y'all's comments. If anyone knows how I can fix this please let me know.

  6. I absolutely love my girl to death. No ammount of weight gain would change that. Her body is the playground in the relationship, not the reason why im there.

    That being said, If i was concerned over her health I would mention something and try and help her over come any weight issues that were affecting her health. That doesn't mean my attraction to her would change based on her physical appearance.

  7. It wasn’t sexual or very intimate, but I made flirty jokes. I am being given advice to admit to what I did

  8. What did you actually do/say to him when the accusation was made? Did you tell him you didn't believe him? Like how did your struggle with the two sides present itself? Because depending on how that was I could undertand his not saying I love you and being distant. Hopefully he can get some help to deal with being victimized yet again.


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