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  1. You're a grown up being forced to go in a bottle. Buy her some loop ear plugs for Christmas, wd40 the door hinges and reclaim your bathroom time. This isn't normal to have to do to accommodate a significant other.

    I suffer from sleep issues so my kids will go at night put the lid down and not flush until the waking hours sometimes. However I would never expect anyone in my house not to use the restroom when needed.

  2. Ok, you/your gf “reasons” just seem to be outta wack…

    We’ve all been friends since we were 14 , they helped me a lot to get to where I am. I work as a software engineer and it’s because of them.

    So you got all three of them a gift. No big deal, shouldn't be an issue for your gf or anybody for that matter, however;

    It was like a $300 chain.

    IDK how much money you're pulling in, especially for “just got the job”, but too most people $300×3=$900 is A LOT OF MONEY. The comments/thought on how these chains go for $3000-$10000 is completely irrelevant. Depending on how much money your gf makes, she probably sees that as A LOT of money, especially to drop on a friend. Personally, I don't think I could ever justify spending even $100 on a friend of mine.

    Do you need to get your gf a gift just because you got your friends gifts? Absolutely not. However, seeing your partner drop a BOAT LOAD OF MONEY on 3 friends when your partner hasn't gotten you anything that nice in the past would probably rub anybody the wrong way.

    “Brooke” “Vik” “Katie”

    I assume that all your friends are girls? Ultimately, gender shouldn't matter but it definitely isn't helping you in this case, and your gf might be feeling like she isn't the most important girl in your life.

  3. Normally I would say nothing against someone who is set on trying something like this, however you need to understand there is a 17-18 year old kid in this situation. They are still a package deal and believe me when I say that kid is likely not going to be happy with her mothers fling/boyfriend (whatever you would call it) only 5 years older, in fact if I was the kid I'd be disgusted with you and my mother. This can seriously damage the relationship between mother and kid.

    I'm not saying it will happen, but you have to look at the bigger picture here.

  4. 9 years is a huge part of her adult love life.

    I can see being hit nude by it, esp if the ex is getting married now but never wanted to with her, may be making her wondering if it had anything to do with her.

    Sounds like there was probably still love there if that was why it ended. Feelings don't always go away completely.

    Just give her some space and afterwards have a talk with her.

  5. While I believe this is a one-off thing, she needs to make sure she talks to someone so that it stays that way.

    She's not evil and fucked up and neither are you. Don't let reddit catastrophise this thing. She should talk to someone about this. But too many people are like “Oh, the first time they do xyz, it's going to just lead to more”…well, maybe in your case because it's a behaviour, but in OP's case we need to find out if it's just a freakout breakdown or a pattern.


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