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  1. Sounds like she needs a 72-hour hold at the hospital to get checked out but I think they only do that if a person's a danger to themself or others. You need to talk to her doctor and find out what can be done because it does sound like she's spiraling out of control.

  2. Why stay with a cheater and expect them to give you support over their cheating? This is crazy. You need to leave this guy.

  3. Why are you treating someone's private trauma history they share confidentially with you as “tea spilling” ?

    You are a very bad friend.

  4. Thank you for the support. A lot more details are in my replies, but wowzers, I didn't not expect this post to go crazy like this. Honestly, I dont know what she thinks. Initially when she asked what was wrong, I asked for time to figure it out a bit and promised to tell her. She would allow that and I eventually told her and answer every question she asked. After that, we went to bed and she hasn't spoken to me since until this afternoon when I got a text from her staying “it's been a rough two days. I have a lot of questions you'll need to answer before I decide if I'm moving out or staying”. She hasn't once asked how I'm feeling.

  5. I feel that but one day you won’t remember them. And that’s a win regardless how it turns out. Hope mate, but remember hope will kill a man.

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  7. It sounds like your describing a narcissist. These people only see everything in relation to themselves. They are always the victim in any situation which then allows them to validate their anger and mistreatment of others.

    They constantly seek to twist every situation to make themselves the victim. They have no sense of responsibility for anything. And are unable to critically self assess. They are generally minpulative liars, emotional abusive to others, and need to be the center of attention. They also desire to feel superior to others.

    People like this can be extremely dangerous and very harmful to family members and friends.

    The best thing for you to do is cut off all contact you can't help them and they will turn on you and take pleasure at any bad that happens to you.

  8. Unfaithful over seeing 1 nsfw gif? That’s a stretch. He is saying the family has forced their advise onto her, and push her to follow it. And she can absolutely go to her family for a shoulder to cry on, but in the end it will be detrimental to their relationship if the family is not conscious enough to let her make her own decisions without trying to push her into doing what they think is correct.

  9. Say that then if she says she isn't comfortable wearing them, drop it. She will know your preference if she ever wants to do something nice, or if you decide you need someone who is comfortable in thongs I guess you can go find them. Personally they are much too uncomfortable and just stay constantly wet and gross for me to even feel sexy in them. I just feel like I smell even if I'm completely clean hahaha. aesthetically I can see how people may like the look for some bodies, but if I can't feel good wearing it you wouldn't have fun, yeah?

  10. On another note, go to therapy. I'm by no means justifying what you've done and you clearly see what you did was messed up, but people typically do this kinda shit because of a much deeper issue they're having – most notably depression.

    This is coming from a man who did something very similarly and was very lucky to come out on top. Therapy helped me in ways you wouldn't believe and helped me figure out the root of my problems and get myself back on track to be the best person I could possibly be. It won't be fast, it won't be easy and it won't be fun. But please go to therapy. And go for YOURSELF, not for anyone else

  11. Uh yeah she's a cheater and seems like a shitty person. I've noticed ppl who feel the need to announce they hate snooping always have something to hide.

  12. So the girl on Snapchat is someone he specifically talks back and forth with who sends him chest pics?

    Yeah, I'd say that's cheating. You have very real reasons to not trust him.

  13. Tell your husband that he has never contributed 50% to the relationship in terms of income etc, so the children will inherit 1/3 each. If he doesn't wish to agree you will seek legal advice.

  14. I wouldn’t marry someone without living with them. You often see people get married and not know how to handle the day to day stressors of marriage

  15. He does make me feel sexual and desired but only when we are together. When we are seperate conversations around sex are a no go for him. It's like he can only be sexual if it's in person, there's nothing in the way of cybersex so I only get that validation and satisfaction when we see each other in person. Outside of that it's really just things I can do with my friends like hanging out on discord or playing games together. It feels like I'm just his buddy until it's in person

  16. He is Deadass lying to you regarding the second time and there is Nothing that could convince me otherwise. This Is a form of SA and the fact that he's unwilling to talk to you about it is just as large, if not larger, red flag.

    The fact that you are not comfortable sleeping in your bfs presence is highly telling…

  17. Ummm no, it's not your fault. Your girlfriend gave you a list of specific gifts for a holiday that literally exists to get people to spend money for no reason. Then, she changed those specific gifts last minute and you honestly at that point should have said “no, I'm sorry, but the items you wanted are non refundable” because she sounds spoiled af and you gave into her completely. Then, she had the audacity to complain about the dinner because of your attitude? Which I can see where you may have contributed to the vibe at dinner because you were stressing over her gifts not being there on time. However, did she at all tell you that it wasn't a problem (other than her half ass attempt in the car) at the restaurant and to not worry about it? She saw you were very obviously feeling bad, and instead of easing your stress, she contributed to it. Her nice gift for you doesn't make up for her sounding completely entitled and spoiled. I'd also assume you get her whatever she wants to make sure she's never disappointed just by this incident alone. She will drain you dry, both financially and emotionally. You went into almost a complete panic attack over a Valentine's gift being late-this is not normal. Think about that.

  18. There's no reason to put up with someone who picks stupid fights for no reason day after day.

    “I don't want to hear you complain at me about your dreams anymore, and if it happens again I'm not going to be in this relationship anymore.”

  19. The real reason to divorce is always in the comments.

    In this case, every reason from the op to each and every comment is a “real reason.”

  20. I just want to understand this. So you’re telling me when most couples argue they are extremely calm, cool and collected and if one of them gets upset and raises their voice they are verbally abusing the other? That’s honestly wild to me.

  21. I would do it ASAP so they can tell you how they want you to proceed. Do they want to talk to your parents? Swear them to secrecy? Plus if the friendship is strong even big mistakes like this can be worked out. It wasn’t cruel just careless.

  22. So you’re smarter than this dudes LAWYER!!! After his divorce has been finalized and everything worked fine for HIM. It’s really cool you’re THAT awesome ? ??. Bravo. (sarcasm)

  23. He literally watches porn he probably thinks it’s an excuse because he’s a guy either way don’t spend your time with someone who thinks the double standard should be legit.

  24. She could have been your daughter… she isn’t ‘some baby’ but there’s a huge age gap here and a huge power imbalance. This is 100% grooming. The reason she’s with you is because she didn’t know any better. Because she is still a developing human, who isn’t nearly done with that yet.

    Once she realizes what you did to her, that you are a pedophile, she’ll come around.

    You ‘met her when she was an adult’. Dude, 18 isn’t nearly an adult and if you see her in a sexual way that’s gross. I 100% would stop contact with you too if you were my father. Not only are you married to an almost child, who is the same age as your own daughter, youcould have been married to your daughter, you married her friend.

    There’s no fixing this dude. Once you decided to be a pedophile and have sex with pretty much a child and marry an unsuspecting girl, it was done. You groomed her.

  25. My father is a diagnosed sociopath (ASPD). He trapped my mom with me and isolated her from her family. According to her, his personality flipped like a light switch when she caught him cheating. He regularly physically, emotionally, and sexually abused her in front of me. She finally left when he knocked up his mistress.

    But her leaving didn’t mean the abuse stopped. We were his property. As punishment, he tried to rape her minor sister, destroyed my grandma’s vehicle by pouring something in the gas tank, tampered with the brakes on my mom’s car (almost killed us), and then suddenly demanded supervision so that he could hurt me in order to hurt her. He was moldering me in ways that I could not physically prove and had the court thinking I was poisoned against him. I tried killing myself at 8 years old. We fled the state when I was 10 to get away.

    He married his pregnant mistress, they had a bunch of kids, and they have all been abused. The adult children do not speak to them.

    You are in danger if you think he has empathy for you. You are not special. You cannot fix him.

  26. That we are teaching her to be her own person, and empowering her to take care of herself, not rely on a man and have no ambitions.

    I won't comment on whether he's a misogynist or not, seems he at least leans that way, but uh…. How are you empowering her or teaching her to be her own person if you don't allow her to be around opinions that differ from your own?

  27. I am going to get down voted for this, but you did make a commitment, when you said you would be her bridesmaid. I understand life changes and now you don't value this relationship, but you made a commitment and are now wanting to back out of it with less than two months for her to try to replace you.

    Have you tried a middle step of communicating how you feel and setting reasonable boundaries? Telling her, 'no I will not be paying for hair and makeup, I will do my own and match the style of the other women'. Or just plain asking her if she'd be able to find someone to take your place?

  28. Right? Sometimes it's like, did another human being write all of that out, look at it, and still think they had a question??

  29. If you’re scared for your safety at the thought of his reaction to you telling him that you’re leaving because you won’t accept this sort of mistreatment, then that’s a clear sign to leave ASAP. He’s already been verbally and emotionally abusive. Don’t give him a chance to escalate. You’re doing the right thing by planning your exit.

  30. Overall I realize that herpes isn't that bad

    The common cold isn't that bad but I'd still be pissed if someone was like “well you didn't ask if I was sick so I thought it was fine to come over and make out with you”. And obviously something that will stick with you for the rest of your life is a lot more serious than that. It absolutely is a major breach of trust, it's selfish, and shows a lack of respect for you and your right to make your own choice here.

  31. Of course she’s lying. She wanted something from you, didn’t get what she wanted so decided to hurt you in the worst possible way. Call out her bullshit and then block her.

  32. If he doesn't want the commitment of marrying you, why would he want the commitment of owning a house with you?

    Or having a kid?

    He wants what he has now because it's easier to get out of

  33. What if there's a falling out? What if brother suddenly needs the money back faster? What if he thinks it gives him 24/7 access to the house *wife?

  34. Wow yuck. How can she not clean by her age fking disgusting. If she doesn't change leave. I used to lazy clean and my husband hated it now I clean and, deep clean each two weeks.

  35. There was a post a while back where the mother and wife suddenly acted very unusual. Turned out she had what is called Capgras Syndrome. But essentially she thought her children and husbands where “clones” and not the real people. She was entered into psychiatric care and with a great deal of effort she recovered luckily. I am not saying that this is it, but you mention some similarites. Speak to a medical professional about the symptoms. I wish you and your family luck and love.

  36. This is bad advice so please don’t take it but you should’ve taken him back and cheated on him then quoted him back to himself. Truly test the limits of his “you’re quitting on us :/“ rhetoric.

  37. Not the exact some situation as your girlfriend, but when I left my ex, I called my parents to let them know. There was some protest from them, despite them not knowing him well and me revealing abuse in the relationship that they were not aware of.

    When they still showed resistance the me leaving, I outright told them “I will never have contact with my ex, or anyone who supports him, again. If you choose to contact him and I find out about it, I will take that as you choosing him. I will cut off anyone permanently, if I find out they are trying to maintain a relationship with him. This is not negotiable and it applies to everyone, no matter your relation to me.”

    I've never spoken to them like that and it was absolutely a slap in the face. But I meant every word and needed them to know, there is no wiggle room. There will be no second chances. It was worded harshly because explaining to them wasn't getting through.

    I'm not saying your girlfriend needs to threaten cutting them off, and if she does, she needs to be sure that she can follow through. But the time was “explaining” is well beyond over. Her parents are being so incredibly rude to her and your relationship by encouraging this.

  38. Maybe he can commit to 4 hours every Sunday instead of 8. 8 hrs is a lot, especially if you're sick one day and still have to care for the child because his family are holding him to the commitment. Will they have back up if you guys want a holiday? 8 hrs x 52… that's a lot of free (obligatory) labour.

    Personally I think his parents aren't struggling as much as they say and just want to be cheap. I wouldn't be surprised if one of their employees has the sacking “looked into” for being unfair.

  39. Nope.

    Me or her. That's it.

    She's not his friend. She's a skank insisting on her turns by influencing him to pick her. She does not care about him. She only cares about herself.

    She's a wannabe homewrecker. And he's allowing it.

  40. Okay in that case i think its either cause he cant let go yet or cause he is those kinds of people who dont care to take down old pictures


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