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16 thoughts on “MissyCriss live! sex chats for YOU!

  1. I know that whether my OH can see me/my messages or not, I act the same as I would if he was there. This means not being a little more flirty if he's not out with me, it means sending messages I wouldn't be embarrassed to have public and it means speaking of him highly where I can. I would still hate him going through my phone because then I'd feel he didn't trust me.

    I text openly, he could read over my shoulder easily, I share my phone if we are playing a game and don't worry about notifications and if his phone dies, I give him mine to look at football updates or to search for stuff. I think this shows I'm not hiding anything, but ultimately I could if I wanted to with password protected apps and such.

    If he had concerns about a specific person, which he has in the past, I've offered to show him my phone and he's always said no. I've had some major concerns about someone before and still never checked his phone.

    I think ultimately, the couple decides what is right for them, but if you're not careful you can end up obsessively checking or hurting yourself with things out of context.

    People who look for proof because of a specific incident make sense to me, though. It isn't a criticism of anyone looking ever.

  2. Give her your phone now, tell her the reason why you didn't want her to see it, and then let her know you've changed your mind about marrying her because of her behaviour.

    Don't marry crazy.

  3. All she did was watch your Snapchat? I don’t think that warrants you to assume anything, especially if she has a ‘soul mate’ already.

  4. If he has to sniff your armpits to look for smells, then you’re not the problem. Maybe he should work on his armpit-sniffing compulsion instead of making his weirdness your problem.

  5. Propose a 3 way. One of 3 things will happen. 1. Great times had by all and now you share the intimacy required for your throuple. 2. It ruins their relationship and you get your GF to yourself. 3. It ruins your relationship and you aren't out much because it doesn't seem like your GF cares that much about you and your feelings.

  6. If they prove themselves family along the way, then sure. It isn’t your fault Alex overheard, but your dad cannot hurry things along pushing the relationship he wants you to have.

  7. Yes good point. These are the questions I need to ask him. A lot of the arguments here I will put in my back pocket to use the next time we talk about it. There are a lot of really good questions here. Thanks!

  8. Get your ducks in a row. Start pulling yourself back from him. Don't tell him you know. Play dumb. When you have enough saved and have a new place in order then leave him.

  9. I personally believe there is more to this, but if you’re saying Amy is so religious that she wouldn’t consider having a relationship with another person it could absolutely be that bc you had sex and conceived a child out of wedlock you aren’t an available partner.

  10. Your bf is absolutely an asshole that needs to be dropped, as relationships are about supporting and encouraging each other.

    In the same breath, what are you doing to lose weight?

    It is factual that you are close to obesity at 70kg 160cm and assuming you don't do any medium+ intensity exercise.

  11. I did-not super regularly but because of medication I was on I wanted to be sure I hadn’t conceived.

  12. What bullshit behaviour? He did nothing but compliment and support me. I was quite surprised when I pushed him to tell me what bothered him so much he lost sleep at nights. I dont think less of myself, apparently him too. He too doesn't really understand why he is so hung up on this and we are looking for advice to try before brraking up.

    I dont give up on my loved ones at the first sign of distress anyway.


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